Lola and Billy the Kid

Lola and Billy the Kid

When young Turkish talent Kutlug Ataman wanted to make a film about transvestites, the first location he had in mind was Istanbul. As he developed the script, his thought was to place these marginal characters, who are subject to societal prejudices in an environment where there is already discrimination, would add dramatic effect. Supported by funding from German sources, Ataman set his story in Berlin, inside the community of "guest workers" where Turkish transvestites are shunned not only by Germans, but by their own kind as well. The result is a strong film with moments of tenderness, emotion and laughter juxtaposed with the harsh realities of life for those who dare to be different. 16 year old Murat (Baki Davrak) is a Turk who is curious about gay life and eventually submerges himself in the gay hustler and transvestite subculture.

17-year old Murat from Turkey, living in Berlin, Germany, slowly discovers his homosexuality. His older brother Osman, head of the family since the father's death, wants him to finally lose... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan H (mx) wrote: random to an extent, but not to a fault.

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Weak. Plot is pretty much Alyssa Milano goes to new school, decides to tramp it up a bit, gets involved with older, married teacher guy who's daughter she babysits (and you really do look at this guy and think "why"?!). He teaches rather than paints because he goes psycho whenever he paints young girls. Guess what happens next. Struggling for positive things to say, Alyssa really does look nice in this, and she wears some lovely outfits (as well as some awful ones). It's kind of like a soft porn movie although it's not quite as graphic as you might expect. I think it's pretty much just a cash in on the original and Alyssa trying to shock people and shake off the wholesome image she had at the time. I have certainly seen worse, but there's not really a lot to recommend this.

Jeffrey B (kr) wrote: A nice sequel to a historical drama and martial arts film staring Jet Li as Master Wong Fei-hung.

Cally G (it) wrote: This film has a real 1950's feel about it, if I didn't know the year it was made I'd have thought it was much older. The acting, while not necessarily polised was definitely heart wrenching. Particularly of course Christopher Eccleston and also Paul Reynolds.

Eric H (mx) wrote: There's a high quality movie here. You just have to comb through a lot runtime to find it. The scope is just far too large.

Monster L (es) wrote: Looking at Pam Grier for one and a half hours...I'm game.

Heather G (ag) wrote: I thought the movie was very well done. The story is very relevant to what is beginning to happen in this country. We are told by our government to be tolerant of other faiths; yet Christians are being told to remove quiet! We are heading in the direction of the rest of the world with mild persecution for now...praying for our country as we head down a dangerous path!

Anne F (jp) wrote: Richard Harris plays Frank Machin, a miner who becomes a successful, highly paid, rugby league player. His widowed landlady who becomes his girlfriend, doesn't like the changes in their lives and their relationship falls apart as his fame increases. Harris was brilliant in his role, and it was very interesting to see how attitudes to a rich sportsman who lives with a girlfriend have changed.