Humbert Humbert is a middle-aged British novelist who is both appalled by and attracted to the vulgarity of American culture. When he comes to stay at the boarding house run by Charlotte Haze, he soon becomes obsessed with Lolita, the woman's teenaged daughter.

A middle-aged college professor becomes infatuated with a fourteen-year-old nymphet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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leane e (de) wrote: this was just campy fun at its fullest and not to be taken serious at all it was just nuts but the fighting scenes in this movie really werent bad for what was going on and the acting wasnt that bad so i did enjoy this movie but its not for everyone but if you like lets say versus or tokyo gore police then you shouldnt have a problem getting into this

Luke W (ca) wrote: Wow I am not lying when I say this is a great movie and I totally recommend everyone gets an opportunity to see it. I am thinking I will buy everyone a copy of this film for their birthdays and for Christmas. I would like to say that the story line is very original and not predictable at all, it had me guessing all the way. Wow they just portray street dancers as quite articulate and educated people who some how manage to be broke most of the time but are able to afford expensive stylish outfits for every scene and for each dance. Also I have been to so many clubs where we all take turns doing our own routine and the drunk people never get mad at us, happens all the time. This movie is to me if Bring it on and Dance Dance revolution had sex and had a baby that was so terribly down syndromed then it had a baby with a three legged goat, that baby would be a perfect metaphor for this movie. Please check it out as soon as possible, wish I had been able to see it in 3D

Keith M (nl) wrote: Ok, So I absolutely LOVE this movie, and kind of despise it at the same time. It is a wonderful film, but slightly aggravating a times. Either way I would suggest it to EVERYONE!

Wasawat C (au) wrote: Good one from Stephen Chow.. Rediculous but full of laugh!! I'm waiting for CJ7!!

Jonathan W (ru) wrote: Classic! Los Angeles 1996 and the attraction of Santa Monica Blvd. Kenneth Anger/Bruce La Bruce in this camp cult classic with the confused Tony Ward. Look out for the amputee!

Terry W (jp) wrote: I miss Phil Hartman, he was so funny

Konrad A (it) wrote: When I was a kid I would all ways rent this movie I liked it a lot and my opinion it's a Mistry movie and has good music and its kind of creepy but there are funny parts like with joker saying down Rusty and kicks the fake dog made out of Metal. That was one of my favorite line. It has a sad ending but still a good movie. I could watch this all day! I'm a fan of Batman and I do like the joker he is just so silly I laugh when joker says something funny. Can Batman stop joker and the Phantom? All that will be answered when you see this movie!! Like I said I love this movie a lot!! You know joker he is all ways laughing and up to fighting Batman. As for Batman he is all ways ready to save people and all ways ready to stop his enemies! Choose a side root for Batman or Joker or the Phantom.

Private U (jp) wrote: This is one of the best slave era movies based on a book, next to ROOTS ofcourse. It is really a must see, especially for white people. YES I SAID IT.

Deadly V (fr) wrote: A Double Dose Of BETTE DAVIS !!!

Muffin M (au) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Trey M (mx) wrote: This movie is awesome, but for some reason I was really drawn into it Liam Neeson did a great job.