Urbane professor Humbert Humbert marries a New England widow to be near her nymphet daughter.

The movie tells the story of urbane professor Humbert Humbert, a fine and distinguished gentleman who marries a New England widow, only to take advantage of her nymphet daughter, Dolores. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (au) wrote: The screenplay gets nothing out of the claustrophobic terror of being locked up in that narrow grave, and the "mystery" is obvious from the start. Nothing you haven't seen before this film is mediocre at best i say SKIP IT!!!

alfie j (jp) wrote: Laughed from start to finish, brilliant film, so funny, it's totally bonkers!

Ben N (nl) wrote: Awful. Just so bad in every possible way.

Wirkola F (au) wrote: Aunque el ao 2006 fue un ao aceptable para las cintas de animacion,esta cinta me ha gustado al lado de Cars.Un Filme de plastilina Aardman ahora a los tiempos 3D. (Como en Arthur Christmas).La peli no es excelente, pero cumple con ser entretenida y graciosa.Con una animacion buena con las matices de los majes que hicieron Wallace y Grommit, personajes carismticos y aceptables, sus voces originales son correctas, chistes que simplemente funcionan, y es una peli que nios como adultos pueden disfrutar.P.S.: Me gust su referencia al su respectivo mundial (Inglaterra vs Alemania) xD!

Douglas P (br) wrote: A film about film fanatacism. The right talking heads are picked, and the film perfectly balances the story of Jerry Harvey with a filmmaker's discussion of how this channel preserved their original vision (by showing the complete or preferred director's cut).If you're struggling with film, bogged down by repetition - then watch this film. It should reignite your passion with the medium, and along the way, remind you of films that you should see/re-watch.

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Phillip W (mx) wrote: This some of his best work.

Wahida K (kr) wrote: The only Movie produced by Dharmendra and in the leading role his Son Sunny Deol was somehow watchable. Dharmendra use to be a Awesome Actor but a terrible director/producer.

Bill M (mx) wrote: 1 and a half is a kind rating. This film isn't great - the storyline is dull, unoriginal and Herbie doesn't seem to be the same bug you could love.

Joyce R (ru) wrote: alain rebuffs jane?!clement's improbable talemoves cat-like in france

Anna G (mx) wrote: Gave it 12 minutes. Nothing was drawing me in.

Dylan R (fr) wrote: Not bad compared to divergent.

simply s (it) wrote: If I could watch only this for the rest of my life, life would be good.

Scott C (mx) wrote: This was incredibly cheap-looking and depressing. Just icky rather than scary.