A hip, misguided Southern California couple decide to make a difference in the lives of the homeless by giving them lollipops with a cheery slogan on the wrapper.

Mockumentary about a wealthy couple who set out to make a difference in the lives of homeless people by giving each of them a lollipop with a cheery slogan on the wrapper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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wretch a (kr) wrote: I love bret jermaine and murry but they couldnt even save this crapfest. boooooooring

Private U (ru) wrote: A pretty good little Irish comedy... not a bad way to spend 90 minutes

Richard G (ca) wrote: Made in 2009,Set on Christmas Eve,a Daughter comes home to her mother for Christmas,they have a row and the daughter runs to her Neighbour's house,when the mum tries to go get her she is sieged by Armed Police and is thrown back inside her house,she has no idea what is going on outside,but soon a lot of Dead bodies start pilin gup and she must find a way to get to her daughter,High on Tension and Paranoia,this is an excellent British Horror Film and its very well acted too,i highly recommend it.

David M (ru) wrote: Partly stemmed from the fact that I find Larry the Cable Guy annoying and a complete fake.

Neil W (es) wrote: A film about shoes (which are dull) set in Northampton (which is dull) that somehow comes alive. I really liked it...

Gregory W (ru) wrote: not as funny as it thinks it is

Stefano C (us) wrote: Parte alla grandissima, cala vistosamente nel finale. Peccato, comunque mi sono divertito a guardarlo...

Steff A (de) wrote: "Fando y Lis' can be characterised by many adjectives. Shocking, pretentious, grotesque, violent, profound, thought provocative the list could go on for hours. The only thing that I can add to its undeniable cult status is that it's like nothing I 've ever seen. Actually that's a lie.I could easily compare this film to "Un Chien Andalou". Truth is that like all surrealistic movies "Fando y Lis" owes a great deal to Buuel's masterpiece. The dreamlike-eerie atmosphere, the non existent plot device, a tricking story-like premise, the weird and the absurd in general. Still a comparison between the two would be uneven because they both stand as extraordinary cinematic milestones of their own.After this history break, back to our feature presentation, "Fando y Lis', except from all the above, is also Alejandro Jodorowsky first feature film. It was also the first to show a shape of things to come from Jodorowsky's mind. Truly back in '68 even if, by some crazy coincidence, you 've seen Jodorowsky's short film "La Cravate" you would still be taken aback by "Fando y Lis". Jodorowsky steps away from miming in this film and stars his assault on any thing civilised. He attacks religion, politics, family, show bussiness and women. All this happen with the use of extreme symbolic visuals in a noncoherent narative style that in could not be called a plot in any way.His directing style is taking its babysteps. It hasn't reached its full potential yet and it shows. But rest assured this is no student film. Quite on the contrary, the camerawork is frantic often going into overdrive putting an exhilarating underline to the perversions shown on screen. Yet, the movie also has gentler moments with precision framing and slow drags of the camera. In general Jodorowsky's guerilla, hand-held directing fits both the utterly violent, crazy, perversive moments of the film and the simply disturbing moments.All these are fuelled by the craziness of crude sounds like mosquitos and sirens.I got carried away there with imagery and directing therefore I forgot to mention the film's story. While the film has no plot it does have a story. It is the story of Fando and Lis, two damned lovers, searching for the mythical city of Tar that represents happiness, utter bliss, love and inner calm. They are both proud offsprings of their decomposing surroundings. Their main problem is that they don't stand up for themselves. Fando throughout the course of the film is completely destroyed by patriarch and matriarch figures alike, egged by old ladies, manhandled by travesties and tricked by bourgeois gentlemen. He takes it all out on poor, handicaped, depended solely on him, Lis. But she just sits there and takes it. That's the kind of ladies we see in these movie. Either Lise's passive stance or the cunning manipulation the all other women in the film pose upon every man walking around. Misogynistic indeed.The funniest thing about the characters is that, as Lis points out at some point, they are still in the same spot. Nowhere closer or further from Tar. Sadly for our heroes this is true. Because happiness, love, inner calm, self realization and all other divine things symbolised by Tar can be found only inside one's self and the odyssey one must undertake to find them is one's own life.

SV G (gb) wrote: An enjoyable old Disney movie with a young Kurt Russell in the lead with Fred MacMurry as his scoutleader and ultimately his adoptive dad. Sweet and sentimental favorite of mine from my childhood.

Darren H (jp) wrote: This is definitely a horrorshow with a truly horrific-looking Bette Davis as the villain. No mask or monster makeup necessary.

Greg W (de) wrote: one of my fave things is to watch a movie without knowing anything about it and really liking it and this is one of those lil gems.

Steve D (ru) wrote: Nothing really here that we haven't seen a million times. That said Ronan is great in her role.