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Sean P (us) wrote: It was humorous for what it was. The mother's flip relating to the boyfriend seemed like something had been cut out of the film. The revolution with the friend made sense when thinking about the opening hallway scene and the gift.

Joel M (au) wrote: 5/10: An average crime thriller that is better than all the recent similar theme HK flicks.

Michelle R (jp) wrote: Fascinating, enthralling and educational. Makes me wish I was a physicist!

Jessica H (de) wrote: Paul is good at what he does as this character, but the croc needs to just kill him already.

Simon D (es) wrote: I always expected this series of films to be terrible. I'd never seen Chris Tucker before and nearly turned it off when he started talking but I stuck with it and it turned out to be quite entertaining. The culture clash of the misfit partnership was amusing and probably has a long way to go before that it exhausted.

Stormy (br) wrote: The Absolute in NASCAR movie. This movie is full of great jokes, where in Talledagae Nights, the only joke is will ferrel. This is an insanely funny movie. One of Burt's best, and without question Loni's best. Jim Nabors, Gomer Pyle himself, cussing up a storm. And a special appearance by Elvira.

Pappas K (jp) wrote: Brandauer's performance will never be matched, frightening and piteous, vigorous and weak, a lonely "king", ,and in the end what do they want from him? He is only an...

Dean D (ca) wrote: Enjoyable and funny.

Tom S (jp) wrote: Marriage Italian Style is one of those rare classics that offers not only steaming sex, sophisticated style, witty dialogue, and great acting, but most important of all: a great story line. It is also rare to see actors whose performances outshine their physical appearance when that appearance is so extraordinary to begin with. Such is the case with classic.

Matthew S (gb) wrote: Meh, 3 stars out of 5.

Simon D (br) wrote: Pretty funny and quite clever horror film with a twist.

Paul J (ru) wrote: Not for the faint of heart.