The first film in Patrick Keiller's Robinson trilogy, preceding Robinson In Space and Robinson In Ruins.

The first film in Patrick Keiller's Robinson trilogy, preceding Robinson In Space and Robinson In Ruins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Freddy H (kr) wrote: FIRST! "The Doors: Mojo Risin' - The Story of L.A. Woman" pleasantly peruses the bands final album with singer and poet Jim Morrison. Almost capriciously picking up where the doc "When You're Strange" leaves off, 'Mojo' is chock-full of exclusive interviews and foreknowledge into the mystery and mystique behind the songs on arguably one of the greatest studio LP records of all time.

Ales B (mx) wrote: Oh this was just what i was looking for. Dreamworks completely pandered to me on this one. Thank you Shrek.

Kellen V (it) wrote: More or less the same stuff that Jaa is known for.

Michael T (nl) wrote: Good premise presented too slowly.

Jim H (br) wrote: Do movies get worse than this? I don't think so.

Lorelei A (fr) wrote: I didn't give this film enough attention when I first watched it. I tend to collect submarine films even though I'm not sure they are the best setting for a story. I re-watched it last night. I was impressed. It's a film that's not in any special hurry. Many of the cast get some focus. The crew is well-differentiated. Tension, atmosphere and shivers are created in a variety of ways. Underwater films are difficult to make and they can't be easy to make on the cheap. I thought the production values were fine.

Patty S (de) wrote: This is not the best of Orlando Bloom. I was very disappointed.

Shelby W (nl) wrote: i prefer the newer one

Kyle M (it) wrote: It was either scaled as an epic musical or just a musical trying to be one with few successful attempts, charms, okay effects and having its moments while giving the protagonist a course to fetch. Well it's not an epic film by its length and scale, which means the term "wonderful" wasn't fully defined when it was less-packed at a small weight that was carried easily with no challenges. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Charlie M (kr) wrote: Ad exec tells the truth in his advertising work and is admitted to a mental ward. It's at the mental ward that he befriends the patients and soon the patients are helping him with truthful advertising slogans that soon become revolutionary. This is arguably Moore's best comedy performance, unfortunately, Moore and this movie were overlooked at the time of the movies release date.

Jonalyn B (fr) wrote: Funny film if you take it for what it is. I can see how this could be seen as offensive to the blind or deaf though.

Allan C (nl) wrote: I'm thinking this film must have been an influence on "The Big Bang Theory," telling the comic misadventures of a bunch of young scientists. Gabriel Jarret plays a 15 year old genius who enters college early to work on a high tech experiment at a Caltech-like university. He gets to room with a legendary fellow student genius, Val Kilmer, in my favorite role of his (yes, even better than Doc Holliday), who ends up being a a goofball and not the serious minded scientist Jarret was expecting. But what makes this film so good are many of the same things that are charming about "The Big Bang Theory;" a group of smart outsiders who find fellowship within their own small group and more importantly it's a group of very likable characters. I've always felt "Real Genius" was my favorite non-John Hughes 80s Teen film. Directed by Martha Coolidge, who's films are always marked by well developed characters (i.e. "Rambling Rose" or even "Valley Girl"), draws some very likable, well defined characters here, particularly, Jarrett, Kilmer and Jarrett's love interest Jordan, played by Michelle Meyrink. Even the villain of the film, William Atherton, strikes the perfect tone as a credible antagonist, but not an over the top sneering Mr. Rooney from Ferris Bueller or the ridiculous frat boys in "Revenge of the Nerds." Jon Gries, Patti D'Arbanville and Ed Lauter also appear in the film. Coolidge also give a bit part to the gorgeous and sadly underused Deborah Foreman, who starred in "Valley Girl" with Meyrink. Thomas Newman provides one of his very catchy 80s scores and then top it off with a memorable use of Tears for Fears at the end of the film, all adds up to this being one of the best teen comedies of the 1980s.

Gordon B (kr) wrote: Slapshot is crude, chauvinist, & very politically incorrect. It's also funny as Hell. Here a scraggly-looking Paul Newman leads a team of ferocious hockey goons that isn't any good at winning games, but it great winning fistfights on the ice. It all culminates in a hilarious climax in which the heroes simultaneously take on a rival team & their rowdy fans .

Chris D (jp) wrote: If it weren't for Yul Brynner's strong presence, this gangster flick would be pretty much worthless.

Art S (us) wrote: The scope of this melodrama may seem small -- after all it centers exclusively on rich widow Jane Wyman and her loneliness and then love for a younger blue-collar man, Rock Hudson -- but Douglas Sirk still brings the strings and sweeps us from joy to tears. And who could miss the explicit critique of American society here? From the keeping up with the Jones mentality and its wicked gossip to the bedrock values underlying the need to succeed financially, Sirk rejects them all. Hudson is adamantly his own man, not interested in money or social status, and he is younger, freer, and therefore rejected by Wyman's family and bitchy circle. Fassbinder remade this in Germany using an inter-racial relationship and an even wider age gap, but of course he was able to do explicitly what Sirk could only do more subtly (with good use of framing, colored lighting, and shadows to underscore his themes). Like "Imitation of Life" and "Written on the Wind", this is a much more cutting film than 1950s audiences may have realized.

Peter R (kr) wrote: There is the predictable film,and the weak and pathetic film. This is all 3

JessicaAnn D (kr) wrote: Of all the Mickey and Judy movies, this is the most joyous and fun. The story follows Mickey as a driven drummer leading a teen band with only success on his mind and Judy plays the meek singer Mary who yearns to win his affection.This film is so fun because you really see the characters grow. Mickey's Jimmy finally sees (much like Judy's famous Dorothy) that everything he always wanted was in his own backyard.'High School Musical' and the like could learn a thing or two from the originals.

Gillian M (ag) wrote: Absolute poo! I am a massive Tarantino fan but this is his worst film by far. One of the most boring films i've ever seen in my life. There are two amazing scenes to be fair but thats it.. and the ending.. pffft