London Conspiracy

London Conspiracy

Life is never dull where Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde are concerned. But who would expect dire danger, hilarious though it may be, to face them in one of Brett's baronial homes? Even...

Life is never dull where Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilde are concerned. But who would expect dire danger, hilarious though it may be, to face them in one of Brett's baronial homes? Even... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eduardo R (br) wrote: Although it's sexier than Fifty Shades of Gray, i'ts boring and... weird.

Crystal B (ru) wrote: I'm not usually down with the "mumblecore" movies, but I found this one surprisingly entertaining.

Delrae L (gb) wrote: Love the scathing reviews from the male critics. How insightful and clever they are. Seriously?

LESLIE L (au) wrote: okay so this film was a bit of a bore, i did watch it to the end and was dissappointed, i didnt really understand how it ended?? and it was all very redictable and has the same story line as millions of films out there..

Kari K (de) wrote: Odd movie but good for her for taking hold of her dreams!

Rajan K (it) wrote: Horrible execution of a not so horrible idea. Two stars because some of the references were great and the arthouse chick/fantasy girlfriend is very cute.

Rick W (es) wrote: On point!!! but worst video ever, turn the video portion off and listen to it.

Yeleysa C (nl) wrote: A real fan can do anything, right? LOL

Enaid N (au) wrote: Favorite zombie movie!!!

Joel A (jp) wrote: An incredibly well made & completely engrossing Murder Mystery set on the Nile Egypt. Filled with an all star cast this film is a real gem.It introduces a very beautiful but highly disliked woman who is on her Honeymoon with guests on the streamer that could all want her dead in her own way.The film builds mystery throughout but the scene with the Cobra is quite memorable. If you enjoy a mystery you'll enjoy this. A terrific film that was thoroughly enjoyable through out.

Byron B (ru) wrote: I have yet to see Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar, but after reading about that movie and other gangster films in the book We're in the Money: Depression American and Its Films, I can see where this pic gets its rise and fall storyline, its style, and its title.The acting is fairly solid. The low budget is evident occasionally, but not too often. I liked the family drama involved. The fact that this gangster Tommy Gibbs (Williamson) has a mother and father who seem like real people and who appear in more than one throw-away scene was a pleasant surprise. The fact that Tommy stumbles around after being shot for as long as he does was too ridiculous.

Will B (ag) wrote: Another outing for Hammers Dracula, continuing from where the last one left off, this one use to be a fav of mine years ago and on watching it again it prob wasn't as favoured as i once remembered, yes there are some great touches with the camera work for way back in the 70's and costume and sets where in true style of what hammer was about, but... personally not one of the most remembered installments of the franchise. Lee, dosent get much of a look in on this movie but the story surrounding the 3 Sadean type gentleman's group looking for more depraved ways of seeking alt entertainment adds alittle spice to the story but aftyer the credits rolled.. it all felt alittle avg... Still worth a watch though :)

Kyle E (gb) wrote: A Film That Strips Most Of The Glamour And Escapism From Bond, But Remains The Truest And Toughest Instalment Yet.

Faris A (ca) wrote: It looked really Interesting and started out good. Sadly it turned into unwanted scenes. Could have been great, starts off great though, but ends up dull and boring.

Jeffrey N (mx) wrote: Someone let Clint Eastwood near a camera again. I know he buys a lot of the rights to these stories he wants to tell, but I don't know how someone takes a story and life full of potential and create this mess of a film. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the finest young actors we have, and while his performances can tend to run together, he had an opportunity to shine even more in a role like this similarly to how he did as Howard Hughes in "The Aviator." The difference between "The Aviator" and "J. Edgar" is sitting behind the camera in this one. Clint Eastwood, who has the biggest track record of empty, overrated directorial presentations, just blows it all to Hell in this one. The directing is weak, bringing out the blandest performances with its horrid storytelling. The movie shortchanges the viewer during what appear to be pivotal scenes, yet drags out the ones we knew were coming. Pretty standard stuff from "Bronco Billy." The actors and viewers deserved better. I hope the awful reviews send him a message. I'm glad I only spent $1.25, although I deserve some change.

Dillon L (ca) wrote: holds up real good scary and gory.

Lee M (ag) wrote: One of the first Hollywood films to deal with the Holocaust, The Pawnbroker is thematically and stylistically innovative, borrowing some of its devices from the French New Wave, such as brief flashbacks, stylized b/w imagery, and jazzy score. The film makes its point with narrative economy and emotional sophistication in a socially complex contemporary context.

Loly L (jp) wrote: Story of Power. This world is sometimes very wrong.

Chris M (ag) wrote: Oh Wow!!! So, who is this fiendish killer roaming the darkened halls of Rhonda's Workout with a giant safety pin(?)? Oh yes, a GIANT SAFETY PIN!!! Why, besides the obvious, would this person want to kill the tight, sculpted bodies caught gyrating in spandex and headbands, most of whom enjoy obknoxiously mugging for the camera during every long 80's synth scored workout montage? Well, let's just say that the by the end of Killer Workout, you really won't care. I can't imagine a story like this ever being taken seriously, at least I hope that's not what they were trying to do when the revelation of the killer is signaled by the perky psychopath gigling a maniacal laugh right as the end credits roll. Witness a bouncy blonde workout instructor quickly run down the street, wearing a leotard that is shaped like a thong in the back, exposing her ass. Bask in the glory of bad fight scenes with two steroid juiced meatheads. Delight in the inept acting and the hilariously tough as nails policeman. There's enough cheese here to feed a small nation for ten years. Did I mention that the film is ineptly brilliant? Go Rhonda!!!

Anthony T (br) wrote: Not a fan of westerns, this film has a few laughs though but overall was not something I loved