London Paris New York

London Paris New York

Nikhil and Lalitha are two completely different individuals who are drawn to each other in spite of their differences -- or perhaps because of it. Follow their journey as they meet in London, Paris and New York for a night in each city.

Nikhil and Lalitha are two completely different individuals who are drawn to each other in spite of their differences -- or perhaps because of it. Follow their journey as they meet in London, Paris and New York for a night in each city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shirin T (ag) wrote: This movie was so bad that it doesn't deserve any stars. It actually deserves nothing. I'm only writing this review to warn people of an oncoming headache that will transpire if you decide to be an audience to this movie. Why was this one ever made!!!???

James L (us) wrote: Just couldn't keep my interest.

Jordan A (nl) wrote: Boo Boo Stewart? LOL

Rangan R (gb) wrote: Like as usual one of the John Cusack's movie that was not widespread among the movie goers. The story of a loving, caring father of two, as well about his dignity. So many movies I'd seen that just deviates slightly from the same storyline and becomes a massive hit, mainly because of the actors or the filmmakers. This one was surprisingly a little fresher from the familiar theme.It was a road-movie-drama which is very much for family audiences. About spending time together and handling grief. A little emotion, a little adventure, a little fun, gives the overall satisfaction of giving a try. I am glad for watching this little movie, which opens about the family value when you miss your loved one under your arm.A very simple and sweet movie, merely one line story that expanded just over a 80 minute long. A fine piece of product for the tearjerker. Everybody was cool in their respective role and so the locations. Loveable movie through your whole heart, and that's exactly what I did, probably you would do the same if you're not those who always try to find flaws and bash it.8/10

Kathy D (fr) wrote: Perfectly fills the gap in the story that has always left my cold. Such a touching story. I can relate to the healing it takes after losing a loved one and the struggle to overcome that loss. The Great Prince is so much more dimensional in this version. Struggling to find the courage to let this lonely child into his heart. It warms my heart!

Andrew M (de) wrote: Pulp fiction has always focused more on elaborate worldbuilding and zany characters and settings over actual character development. Seeing as John Carter is based heavily on that kind of storytelling, the film follows that same pattern, and attempts to use that as an excuse for this film's convoluted story and poorly written characters.Unfortunately, it just isn't good enough of an excuse. The film is needlessly complicated in telling a simple, clich-ridden story about warring armies and an outsider's involvement in the struggle, and the film suffers greatly from that. The lack of an engaging narrative causes the film to drag, and at 130 minutes, that's far from ideal. The acting here is all over the place, but consistently underwhelming. Taylor Kitsch's John Carter is too stoic to convey any emotions his character may have, while Lynn Collins completely overacts as the Princess of Mars: their contrived romance doesn't help much either. The rest of the cast is relegated to roles as the varying species on Mars, and the likes of Willem Dafoe, Mark Strong, and Bryan Cranston are completely wasted.Well, at least the worldbuilding is nice, right? Well, despite being pulpy, this is not necessarily the case. There's plenty of nice visuals on display, but these species lack any kind of distinguishable lifestyles that gave life to, say, the alien race in Avatar. The film is instead relegated to standard creature and setting designs that are pretty run-of-the-mill in terms of worldbuilding.It's not all that hard to see why John Carter was an infamous box office bomb for Disney: it just isn't a very good movie. Andrew Stanton has proved capable to directing amazing films, but maybe he should stick to animation.

Sarah H (es) wrote: Is it possible that they made yet another Americal Tail movie? Okay, we get the picture, Fievel is cute, he's adorable, he's the biggest animated name that wasn't Disney until Dreamworks came out with Shrek, but really, another Fievel movie? Come on, what are you thinking! This one was the worst of the series, and while it lacked a clear plot, script, and just about everything else needed to make a good movie, it did bring back recognizeable characters so that a new generation of kids could be introduced to Fievel. Unfortunately, a talking mouse is no longer all the rage like it was in the 1980s, and today's kids just don't seem as interested in these movies as kids in my generation were. I think we can definately say that this is one series that jumped the shark a long time ago.

Rachel N (es) wrote: Another one of those sequels that's not worth bothering about.

Bruno V (kr) wrote: Tom Hanks already knows the Kneepjes from the busines already from Saturday Night Live offcours ...but has nothing to do with the movie ! In this movie he plays Steven Gold who learns Lilah the kneepjes from Comedy between he falls in love a bit and Lilah becomes better in her performences ! Funny at times , yes ! SOMDVD

Kirk B (jp) wrote: A "must see" for drag racers that understand the sport and the tragedies that can and will happen to most involved, including me. Shirley Muldowney is a legend in drag racing and I saw her beat "Big Daddy" Don Garlits. The movie takes you from how drivers get the racing bug, join the NHRA, and start a career that takes you to the top. Pitfalls along the way are expected, but overall "Heart Like A Wheel" is a winner!

Michael S Y (jp) wrote: Fantastic film, great cinematography and really grips you to your seat.

Richard D (ag) wrote: This sequel to "The Thin Man" manages to preserve most of what made the first film so appealing. William Powell and Myrna Loy have wonderful chemistry, and although the mystery isn't very compelling (the killer is exactly who you think it is), their light, comedic interplay is what you come to the film for anyway. Asta gets his own plot line here ... and it involves betrayal and canine infidelity! A very young Jimmy Stewart has a very atypical role here. The movie ends with a stinger that points to the domesticity that makes later entires in this serious inferior.

Les E (es) wrote: Awful. I will certainly be looking out for the name Marucci in the future so as to find out what not to watch.

Johann M (ru) wrote: No, not good, I regret having watched it. The only good thing is its soundtrack and Elle Fanning's character. Terrible humor, too predictable, too many clichs and a mediocre script, it could have been a wonderful drama, not a comedy.