Lone Star State of Mind

Lone Star State of Mind

Earl and Baby, two young lovers with a plan to escape their small Texas town. But when Baby's dim-witted cousin Junior gets tangled up in a whole heap of trouble, Earl has just 48 hours to save the day, rescue Junior and keep his promise to get his Baby to Los Angeles in time for sweeps.

Earl is engaged to his step-sister Baby. Baby has entrusted him to take care of her misfit cousin Junior. Baby is also intent on leaving Texas for LA on Tuesday. When Junior and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raqi M (us) wrote: Great family movie. A great message for those who seek to be singers.

Arthur T (kr) wrote: the best chinese romance movie i've ever watched

Lee M (au) wrote: A lyrical, defiantly individual film that's an artistic statement laden with a sort of Woody Allen-style bravado. A good first effort.

Samuel H (gb) wrote: 10 things I hate about this film: can't think of them. Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles are superb, making this one of my favorite chick flicks.

Sarah H (kr) wrote: Gotta love 1980s movies right? Cheesey as hell but who cared? It does have a good message for the kiddies watching, although I didn't think they desguised that as well as they could have, it kinda felt like they were shoving that in my face.

Martin S (ca) wrote: This is just stupid. Isn't it enough with evil religious kids killing adults?....isn't that scary enough?...do we really need this "he-who-walks-behind-the-rows"-fella? and do they really need to show that he really exist? in some kind of form...that just shows us that the kids where right...they aren't crazy...stupid. Some of the killing scenes was okay though.

Adam G (kr) wrote: Pretty good actually, quite a bit dated, but still an interesting road movie, decent acting and a somewhat concievable story line.

Bill T (fr) wrote: Was quite apprehensive in seeing this,.. I mean Cocteau is always such a wild card. Never expected this! Crazy film about a poet who witnesses a murder, and gets whisked away by a mysterious woman. He then gets returned a day later to his country house, a changed man. Oh, the driver of the vehicle comes with him too. Oh, it's impossible to explain. Just enjoy the wild ride.

Steven C (au) wrote: "Gold-Diggers of 1933" is a sassy, charming Depression era musical. With feisty and funny performances from it's female cast and some dazzling set pieces (both comedic and staged musical) that are topped off with some intriguing social and historical commentary help make this an enduring classic.

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