Lone Texas Ranger

Lone Texas Ranger

"Iron Mike" Haines (Tom Chatterton), a crooked sheriff, and "Hands" Weber (Roy Barcroft), the town blacksmith, are in cahoots and have been robbing stages, silver mines, etc., and framing innocent ranchers and cowhands with their deeds. They set out to rob the stage and frame Red Ryder (Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Elliott) for it, but the plan backfires and the sheriff is killed. The sheriff's son, Tommy (Jack McClendon), arrives home from college and is given his dad's job, not knowing he was a crook, and swears to get the man who killed him. Weber tells Tommy that Red killed his dad and Tommy sets out to get Red.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:56 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   revenge,   killing,  

"Iron Mike" Haines (Tom Chatterton), a crooked sheriff, and "Hands" Weber (Roy Barcroft), the town blacksmith, are in cahoots and have been robbing stages, silver mines, etc., and framing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank A (ca) wrote: Went in expecting laughs on obnoxious idiots but it's a let down with little humor and wasted star cast.

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Mike R (jp) wrote: A guilty pleasure of gross-out humor.

Wendy M (us) wrote: If you haven't seen this run out right now and rent it!It will make you pee your pants it is so funny!!

HungYa L (it) wrote: I somehow feel that the book should be better. The movie is okay.

James B (es) wrote: God-awful comedy. Not even John Cleese can save the film, though he does try.

Carlos I (de) wrote: Such a fun send up of Hollywood and gangster films. Love Travolta's character in it. His child like glee over film is affecting. The commentary of how similar mob life and the movie business are is quite entertaining.

Charles J (es) wrote: Watched in on DTSV. When this movie was released in 1994 I thought it was brilliant. Now, many years later, it is fascinating to try and figure out why I'm now of a completely different opinion.

Shane S (fr) wrote: A lot better than his other films, let me tell you that.The acting's decent, the plot's intentionally derivative of all these action film cliches (nationalism, awesomeness, family, honor, love), and the satire's kinda good (even if the prop comedy was overused - the bike did overdo it). It's satire for kids - not meant to be taken seriously except for that fact that violence isn't the best thing in our society.Bad things were the prop humor, the slapstick (though not much of it was present), and the general silliness of the film. If you think Python is silly, check this guy out.In my top 200 films - pretty low.

Jace B (de) wrote: Classic 80's action flick full of 80's icons. Fun one to watch on a lazy afternoon. "it's cash on delivery... POW!"

Oliver E (es) wrote: deeply thought-provoking. It's such an important film with an important message yet so well done.

Brady S (mx) wrote: this movie is garbage, one of the worst movies i've seen this year.

Tim R (jp) wrote: A big fucking waste of time

Anthony J (es) wrote: An excellent suspense drama with an all star cast led by Spencer Tracey, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Robert Ryan. A mysterious one armed stranger arrives in the small town of Black Rock in search of someone, but to some hostile and secretive towns people. Tensions arise as the truth begins to unfold. Great performances by all.

Manny C (us) wrote: The last in John Wayne's cavalry trilogy again focuses on the themes of military code and conduct, also directed by the great John Ford. Here, Wayne portrays a father, literally and figuratively, and performs well alongside Maureen O'Hara, one of the most beautifully tough women to ever grace the screen.

Bill M (es) wrote: Bruce Campbell is god!.... simple as. It may be the weakest of the Evil Dead trilogy, and you could certainly say it somewhat tries a little bit too hard, but Army Of Darkness is an insane amount of fun, it caps off in style possibly the most diverse (and outside of the back to the future/indiana jones and lord of the rings trilogy, the most consistent) trilogy of films ever, each one was radically different to the last, the first being a grungy, nasty masterpiece of hardcore gory darkness laced with black, black humor, the second (and absolute) best a sort of remake of the first, and an outright live action cartoon, Evil Dead 2 is an explosion of ferocious insanity, hilarity and demented invention, and Army is a python-esque medieval, action adventure, fantasy, comedy epic. It's ragged, overblown and sometimes slapdash but just utterly fucking joyful. The directors cut on US blu ray is the only version you or anyone should be watching, that this movie took THIS long to be seen in all it's glory is mad, you get more battle, more glorious gags and the entire unbutchered sequence of ASh being attacked by mini versions of himself, the full version of this scene is a sublime extended bit of insanely silly slapstick and highlights the comedic genius of Bruce Campbell, in not sure there is a better psychical comedian in the last 30 years. This is also the full Ash, the truly complete character we came to know and love, brash, macho, stupid, clumsy, disastrously incompetent at times and when it comes down to it, an outright badass of an action hero, it's like the three movies gradually assemble this character into who we now think he always was from the start (in the first film he's basically a complete little weed who nuts up and becomes the final guy) and the film is packed full of madcap cartoon nuttiness and crazy action and effects, plus an hilariously bleak ending. This movie is always a true pleasure to watch. Massively quotable too, "give me some sugar baby" and for the cheap seats, "this is my BOOM STICK"! brilliant.

Tommy W (kr) wrote: Portrayed well to a certain extent. It's starts off its true history where the Vikings set off to rape and village and then they are hunted by an army where they are chased throughout the film. It was a good story line with good cinematography and great accurate landscape shots. I do wish the acting was a bit better.

Carrie T (it) wrote: As generic as it seems, Premium rush has just enough action and humor to make this a fun ride.