Long Days of Hate

Long Days of Hate

Martin Benson (Guy Madison) is a western lawman who must pose an a shifty gun-runner in order to infiltrate an outlaw gang. At the same time, Benson's brother happens upon the murder of his family and takes one of the culprits hostage.

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Long Days of Hate torrent reviews

Kate O (ru) wrote: This is a movie I want to see again. It was very, very good.

Brent F (gb) wrote: I feel ashamed for even giving this bomb a try. If it was a parody, it would be acceptable--every cliche in the book; but the acting is awful, too.

Becky B (au) wrote: I didn't want to see this movie at first, because it sounded disgusting. But it was actually pretty good. (when watched on tv)

Stella D (es) wrote: with an icy visual style even more marvelous than 'maria braun', this thinly disguised biopic of the downfall of a famous actress of the third reich is absolutely chilling to watch. fantastic high key b&w photography renders many scenes almost completely white, with odd lighting effects and fassbinder's eccentric musical choices reflecting our heroine's descent into madness. many many references for fans of 'sunset blvd'. enjoyed very much!!

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Don S (gb) wrote: A historical drama produced in Spain (with English dialogue) starring the lovely Rachel Weisz as the Roman philosopher Hypatia. It is a bit too long and moves rather slowly, but it is compelling to see the atrocities done in religion's name and how the battle wound up involving one who was truly non-religious.

Darryl S (ca) wrote: Don't eat before watching this movie.

Ricardo A (au) wrote: It may have an original premise, but Below is ghost story that gets stuck in the creepy phase.