Long Journey Into Love

Long Journey Into Love


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Long Journey Into Love torrent reviews

Diganta B (ca) wrote: Melancholic anti-war remark.

Michael J (fr) wrote: Clearly I am not the target demographic for this movie, but I can recognize a clever story and great characters, and this movie has both.

Astrotrain (de) wrote: I have great memories watching these Blondie and Dagwood movies on Sundays. They are taken from the Sunday Comics to the big screen. If you enjoy the old B&W movies and laughs, you like the Blondie Movies

Jordan P (ru) wrote: Sounded better than it was!!

Hctor V (it) wrote: interesante documental sobre el movimiento antiblico gestado al interior de ejrcito norteamericano durante la guerra de Vietnam.

Beth P (ru) wrote: A wasted hour and whatever of my life.

JanMichal V (de) wrote: the most stupid movie of the cinema story i've ever seen

John F (nl) wrote: The Fonz and Richie deliver some Interesting nights after the Happy Days

SUNNY (ru) wrote: its a good movie, set in the background of the great mutiny.

Burt R (au) wrote: Officially my favorite movie this week!

Alfredo S (us) wrote: If you need a guidance on how to make an amazing animated movie, remember to watch this one at least a thousand times and you'll realize you will never get close enough.

Jonathan C (fr) wrote: The Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz guys bring us an apocalypse comedy that doesn't measure up with their previous two films, but is non the less a good laugh.