Long Live the Republic

Long Live the Republic

Oldrich is the runt of his village, beaten by his father, bullied by the other boys. But he has imagination of his side, and a wiry toughness they can’t defeat. The village is in turmoil, because the Nazi occupiers have just retreated and the Red Army is advancing. Oldrich dodges amid the mayhem and panic, taking his share of blows but always managing to stay one step ahead. Beautifully shot and darkly ironic, Karel Kachyna’s forgotten masterpiece jumbles reality, memory and fantasy to capture the intensity and confusion of childhood in a war zone.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:childhood trauma,  

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Shl N (es) wrote: very funny movie full entertainment package

Derek J (it) wrote: the best parts of the guillotines are the outstanding performances and its well written story! at times brutally violent and melodramatic, there are tender moments as well. brilliant, worth every viewing second!

Dana G (jp) wrote: decent psychological b movie. definitely better than expected.

Jesse F (au) wrote: While the film is funny and at times clever, it's more heart-warming than anything.

Tristan M (br) wrote: My first problem with this movie is that why is every German pilot flying a red Fokker Dr 1? They should be flying Albatros and defiantly not all red, unless the Red Baron somehow got cloned a few hundred times. The other thing is that the battle scenes sucked. Apart from that not a bad movie. Dosent need to many fixes to be a good war movie

Frit S (mx) wrote: This movie truly rises above anything typical "Mormon Cinema" will do. This IS deep, touching, compelling. It doesn't hold back, it dives into real life...and it is amazing. One of Dutcher's best films

William B (fr) wrote: Better than Saving Private Ryan which was technically superb but I felt that the effort to find and repatriate the unworthy Pvt. Ryan wasn't worth the cost in lives expended even though the effort was to keep his mother from nlosing both her sons to the war effort.

Monica L H (br) wrote: It was okay. I actually made it for the whole movie!!!!

Jani B (de) wrote: Mystillisyyteen asti runollinen naiskuvaus 50-luvun Iranista.

Joseph H (ca) wrote: doesnt seem interesting

Tonya V (nl) wrote: Not as good as the original by the master Alfred Hitchcock.

Matthew H (kr) wrote: Although this movie goes into Napoleon Dynamite levels of kid gloving (No middle-schoolers say darn), this movie is very relevant to how a kid might feel when he's arrogant, not popular, and hasn't hit puberty. So, kudos to the filmmakers for getting that aspect right.

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