Long Night's Journey Into Day

Long Night's Journey Into Day

This documentary tells four stories of Apartheid in South Africa, as seen through the eyes of the Truth and Reconciliation commission

This documentary tells four stories of Apartheid in South Africa, as seen through the eyes of the Truth and Reconciliation commission. White soldiers who have killed ANC activists, black ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (us) wrote: Excellent film, slightly marred by too much shaky camera work.

Franois M (fr) wrote: Difficile au dbut j'ai finlament apprci ce film...

Trevor W (ca) wrote: An overlong and slow movie about a father with troubles at home and work that is diagnosed with cancer and doomed to soon die. The film has great acting, but it never picks up.

Darren P (es) wrote: A very good film that should have ended 30 minutes before it did.

David M (de) wrote: A more unique no-noir crime setting, Frank Miller doesn't fail to impress us with his creative visuals and storytelling coming to life.

Private U (br) wrote: Underrated tense psychological cop-thriller. Winner of "Best Last Line in a Film" (by me). Solid rental material here - enjoy James Woods in one of his last good "It's James Woods!" films.

Andrew J (es) wrote: One of the greatest films ever. I still rememberthe music and mr hodjkins and all that. Quality stuff , this takes me back.

Bill B (ca) wrote: This is a notorious Fulci film with some truly tense sequences: a woman almost catching a pick-axe to the face, another vomiting up her guts, maggot storms - all the various things you've heard about this one are well worth a look for the genre fan.Worth a rental at the very least, and a film that holds up on the revisit.

peter h (br) wrote: Mill Creek's 50 Movie Pack: Chilling Classics Reviews; the Final Review DRIVE- IN MASSACRE [1974]: From the appearance of the first theatre in the state of New Jersey in 1932, to the boom as a popular form of entertainment amongst teenagers & families throughout the 1950's, to the change of programming to mainly extreme exploitation film from 1963 then throughout the rest of the 1960's and throughout the 1970's, and then to the total demise of such theatres in the 1980's via the home media boom spearheaded via VHS; The Drive- In movie theatre was extremely popular in The USA from 1932 until the early 1980's. The novelty of viewing a feature film in ones car meant that couples could engage in "romantic" encounters while not really paying much attention to what was exactly playing. So it shouldn't come as a surprise during the slow evolution of the slasher subgenre and the slow demise of the Drive-In theatre that a movie like DRIVE- IN MASSACRE would exist. The concept of a crazed killer preying on lustful couples while stuck in an enclosed theatre was a simple stroke of a so- dumb-but-brilliant- idea. PLOT: In a "typical" sleazy LA Drive-In Theatre while playing a run of the mill western, a bizarre series of killings takes place. The patrons of the said theatre are being hacked by an unknown killer. So it's up to the LAPD to stop the insane killer from killing more lustful patrons of the theatre in question. THOUGHTS: With a gimmicky end title card that reads "The senseless bloodbath that gripped a California Drive-In has spread to other theatres throughout the country. Authorities say there are no clues to the killers' identity and no end to the horror insight. The killer could be strike again. ANYWHERE.......ANYTIME.......WHO WILL BE NEXT?" And then a fake manager's announcement which appears to come over the PA system which warns that the killer is loose in the theatre and that the police are on the way seals the deal. DRIVE- IN MASSACRE is a product of its time and only meant for its time with the end gimmick (which doesn't work if you view it on your TV/ Computer). However the film it's self is an odd slice of the long gone movie viewing experience. With two dull cops, a sleazy as hell manager, and a run of the mill Drive-In which with its playground for children, snack bar, car parks, and yes the big outdoor screen itself is the true star of this film. However despite being a long forgotten relic of a by-gone era, DRIVE- IN MASSACRE is a prototypical Slasher film long before the explosion of popularity at the end of the 1970's. With an unknown killer preying and killing on "sexually active" couples, this film works well as a pre-slasher film. Trashy, tacky, greasy and a whole heap of mindless entertainment; my rating is a solid 50% for this film. PLEASE NOTE; that the following films were not included in this review series I BURY THE LIVING [1958], A BUCKET OF BLOOD [1959], WEREWOLF IN A GIRLS DORMITORY [1960] & LADY FRANKENSTEIN [1971] for the simple reason I have previously reviewed those titles.

Mohamed O (gb) wrote: I was all amazement when I saw how influenced were the top Egyptian Comedians Fuad El-Mohandes ; Awad & others by Jerry Lewis .. It's evident he was utterly imitable and unattainable at the same time ..

Carl T (es) wrote: Loved this movie, because it is everything an adaptation of any myth, novel, etc. should be.

Adam R (us) wrote: A reasonable classic, but I can't say that it lived up to the high expectations I had. It was just kind of average apart from James Dean's skilled acting. (First and only full viewing - 5/22/2010)

Allegra V (au) wrote: Probably biased because of my love of the books, but I liked it. Especially the portrayals of Yassen and Blunt.

Ibraheem M (jp) wrote: Sandra Bullock is too annoying is this piece of junk, definitely making her worth a Raspberry award.

Perrine B (ag) wrote: She's looking for a few not-so-good men.Stphanie Plum a grandement besoin d'argent. Et pour en avoir rapidement, elle choisit de travailler pour son cousin et d'amener la police les personnes qui ne se sont pas prsentes la police malgr une injonction. Elle est trs motive, mais n'a absolument aucune exprience et aucune habilit pour lui permettre de mener ses missions bien. Qu' cela ne tienne, elle dcide en plus de s'occuper du suspect le plus recherch de la ville : Joe Morelli. C'est un ancien flic de la brigade des murs qui est recherch pour meurtre. Son arrestation lui apportera une trs grosse somme d'argent, mais aussi une satisfaction personnelle, Joe ayant largu Stphanie aprs avoir couch avec elle quand ils taient l'cole. Alors qu'elle mne l'enqute sur le meurtre dont Joe est accus, Stphanie voit les tmoins qui elle a parl, mourir dans d'tranges circonstances. Dans quel ptrin s'est-elle mise ?Cette comdie est une adaptation d'un livre de Janet Evanovich, qui a crit toute une srie d'ouvrages avec son hrone Stphanie Plum. Personnellement, je ne connais pas ces livres et ne peux donc comparer le rsultat l'cran. Par contre j'avoue que j'ai trouv cette Stphanie compltement cervele et sa dcision de devenir chasseur de prime totalement stupide. Elle n'a pas conscience du danger et n'est donc pas courageuse, par contre elle est persvrante. Ce ct fofolle plutt l'ouest est bien rendu par Katherine Heigl. Mais son enqute est prise trop au srieux pour qu'on rentre dans le dlire de l'innocente inexprimente qui a de la chance. C'est peu crdible, et on se demande comment elle a pu rester vivante au vu des affaires tordues dans lesquelles elle va mettre son nez. Rajoutons par-dessus cela le flirt hyper prvisible entre elle et Joe, a donne un film tout juste passable, mais certes pas mmorable.

Sergio Andres P (ca) wrote: Fantastic Remake..... Poseidon delivers an intense motion action, with great visual effects and a large assembly. One of the films that marked a milestone among the best directed films.. for me. Good Job. 5/5