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Hatem A (es) wrote: 3.0/4.0A simple yet original directorial debut from actor Diego Luna centers on a poor Mexican kid (Christopher Ruiz-Esparza in the title role) who gets out of a hospital after spending two years there for psychological treatment for a condition that was seemingly caused by his dad's (Jose Maria Yazpik) departure. His mother (Karina Gidi), older sister and younger brother try to deal with him and then one day he takes on his lost father's role as man of the house!Intriguing premise somehow works as it showcases how a simple family can accept anything for happiness. This would have been really ludicrous and funny with the wrong lead but Ruiz-Esparza is serious and heart-rending in his delivery that he makes this work. Other actors are strong overall especially Gidi. For some reason, the movie loses a bit of its power when the father re-enters the picture and we get to know his story (which I won't ruin here), mainly because one feels a disconnect between his story and Abel's condition. But overall an engrossing movie with some surprisingly tense (especially the finale) and other heartwarming moments.

Stefan G (mx) wrote: This movie tried to copy the overall style and atmosphere of Sin City, but it fails so hard and so many levels that it winds up being just blatantly ridiculous. The film's story is hard to take seriously, especially with such ridiculously out-of-place concepts like The Golden Fleece and the Blood of Heracles, but what really hampers the story is the unlikable lead character, who won't stop spouting all those pretentious metaphors he uses to describe his city. Speaking of the characters, the acting is so terrible that it makes me wonder how much of an effort the actors even made. I suppose that's what happens when most of the cast comprises of no-name actors, and not even the only two big-name actors (Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson) do anything to make it better. Instead, I find Samuel L. Jackson spouting the cheesiest lines he's ever been paid to make, and that's still nothing compared to all the other cheesy lines. The action scenes are badly choreographed, to the point that some of the shooting is filmed from ridiculous angles, almost in a pathetic attempt to hide how much of a bad job they did. The worst part about this movie is the style. They tried to imitate Sin City's gritty style, but they did such a half-assed job at it that ended up not only making it look worse, but they also made it look and sound much campier. Say what you will about Batman & Robin, but let me tell you, the people who made Batman and Robin are probably looking at this and laughing. The Spirit is basically a terrible comic book movie, and with no redeeming qualities, it's the worst in that category.

Ashlee B (kr) wrote: This is an 81-Honda!How DARE YOU?!

Harry D (kr) wrote: fantastic film! done very well! really realistic love it!

Puddin P (br) wrote: I love juice the best

Jim T (ca) wrote: Funny Horror....really cute

Jack G (nl) wrote: Parts > whole. But that murder scene - what a part! Also, Julie Andrews was miscast here for sure. Newman does okay actually, better than I expected as a professor-turned-Cold-War flip-flopper (though he's not, I think, who cares really), but their on-screen chemistry isn't very strong which is the film's biggest flaw. Hitchcock, I think, got this as well, so he got more pleasure out of side/supporting characters, like Ludwig Donath as Prof. Gustav Lindt or the German woman with the colorful scarf who needs a sponsor. It's not a bad movie by any stretch, and it has a nice wonderfully obvious Hitchcock twist (actually a couple) in the last reel. But it could've been more. It's a soup that needed more attention, or another lead actress.

genesis d (fr) wrote: the movie was confusing in some parts..the plot was quite slow and some supporting actors were not that good.

Vance M (br) wrote: This month's movie review for December 2015 is National Security that came out in the year 2003. This was good with some funny parts to the movie. Martin Lawrence and Steve Zaun is in this movie. Martin Lawrence movies are always good. I can't think of a Martin Lawrence movie that sucks. My favorite part of the movie when Steve Zaun jail and punch cop in the face when a group of black men in jail wanted to hurt Steve so he can go back to jail. Like I said in the last review they where making Bad Boys 3 with Wesley Snipes and Martin Lawrence but I not sure if its coming out again because everything is shutting down now. I give this movie 5 stars. Two thumbs up. A must see.

Jarkko H (gb) wrote: Created by Peyo old children's favorite characters from the Smurfs get to your movie, computer animation you can get by looking at the (of course).The result is sloppy, the theme song to sing and a little blue men of the small irritants come to New York, and will bring an embarrassing feeling to the viewer. When Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, George Lopez, and The Simpsons familiar with Hank Azaria rub such a crap, still does not show improvement. Worse yes could go if the plot intrude even the best highly doubtful nonsense. The movie complex has already been bland enough.

Gretchen W (ru) wrote: This was everything!

Lane Z (fr) wrote: I always enjoy a Tina Fey movie when the chance presents itself. Her writing and producing is usually above average and she was always one of my favorites on network TV. The problem with Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, aside from the name being completely lost on me outside of the WTF acronym, is I couldn't tell if I was watching a drama infused with some comedy or a comedy infused with some drama. There's nothing worse than watching a movie for two hours and not knowing whether it's appropriate to laugh or not.I enjoy watching movies about informative periods in my time I'm not always the most up-to-date on, like the war in Afghanistan. It truly was overshadowed by Iraq during the mid 2000's, and while most people understand it as the hotbed for the Taliban and Osama, it appeared there was more to it behind the scenes of the media. Insert Kim Barker (Tina Fey) and her small band of press colleagues. We are rushed through much of their character background, so there's never really a true moment to feel for or bond with any character over the two hours. The events that play out (even without having prior knowledge) are predictable and sort of uninspiring. Fey and her co-stars do just enough on their unfocused script to keep you slightly entertained off their charisma, but despite being a fan of all the players involved (Freeman & Robbie to boot), there's just not enough focus here to give WTF more than a glance.