A sexually active Texas college guy begins to reevaluate his practice of mutual masturbation with straight buddies after he meets an unapologetically gay fellow student.

Back in 1982, a Texas University student who was curious about the male sex fantasies he had been having, decides he needs to hook up with an out gay student on campus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kia G (de) wrote: This was a very thoughtful movie, it showed two different view points in a realistic way, it brought out many emotions, and made me wish I could keep watching their lives until they meet again. Its a well done movie.

Greg W (ca) wrote: didn't care for this silent

Paul D (ca) wrote: A bit predictable and cliche, but the characters were likeable enough to keep me interested. Also, Peter Dinklage is beyond hilarious in the few scenes that he appears in.

Edward K (ca) wrote: this was a pretty good movie it reminded me a little bit like the movie kids but not as good as kids but its still worth a watch

Matthieu C (fr) wrote: Il fait toujours un peu le mme film et c'est bien.

Jeremy D (br) wrote: The storyline offers nothing new in terms of originality, but Haylie Duff was hot in it. So there's that.

Jason S (us) wrote: it was an ok prequel

Jordan A (ru) wrote: wow. Rosie is already retarded, so why didn't she get the Oscar?

David S (ca) wrote: There are so many great things in this movie, I don't know where to start. Busey's bingo hall speech, the stick of dynamite up the a-hole, Yaphet Kotto as the Red Baron, Seymour Cassel's haircut, the Cubans, the Jimmy Buffet sheriff. . . the list goes on. The crazy Busey factor starts low but ends sky high. "I'm praying for vengeance, Father!"

Spencer S (de) wrote: Cassavetes' first endeavor into the world of marriage, with his second feature film, yielded a humane glimpse into the lives of two impossibly unhappy people who think they understand happiness. The husband believes he understands that a fourteen year marriage, security, and repetition makes for an unhappy person, and so he leaves his wife in the middle of the night to fall into the arms of a younger woman. The wife believes she is happy already, and though shocked by her husband's request, knows to find it elsewhere while she still can. Both of them journey back into the night to find people to give them their satisfaction, their happiness, but sadly they both find that the crumbling of a decade long marriage does not relinquish them from one another. What comes of the wide scope and interesting subject matter covered, is a film that speaks about how uncomfortable we all are when we're placed in our separate boxes, and how happiness is relative and finite. The camera follows each of them as they find others to spend the night with. Richard (Marley) falls back in with a group of people who think they're completely different than anyone else, and have found happiness in greed, sex, and wealth. Jeannie (Rapp) finds appeal in alcohol, being out with other women, and youth. Both husband and wife believe that being with someone younger predicates happiness, and that decision proves fatal to one and heartbreaking to the other. Cassavetes made a film that is ungodly uncomfortable to watch from beginning to end. It is the epitome of people going through a mid-life crisis, though Jeannie is only putting on a show for her husband to show she doesn't care. Neither of them finds what they're looking for by the end of the film, and both probably regret the actions they took the night before, but it seems that neither will admit anything either. In the last scene we're left with disillusionment as both find themselves changed by the night before, but remain silent and pensive. It's clear that Cassavetes wants us to examine ourselves, and what we perceive as happiness, as romance, but not in such a one sided approach as society has dictated. Though many characters ramble and it feels inconsistent at times, it is a good portrait of a couple who have lost their way.

Joseph C (es) wrote: An absolutely wonderful performance by Mimi Rogers in a mind blower of a movie - it's my favorite movie ever and I'm fifty! That being said, I saw it in the theater and about a third of the audience walked out and half those that stayed thought it was horrible. Great movie, but if you're a vanilla-type, it's likely you won't "get it" or enjoy it.

Aasemoon (kr) wrote: I just watched this movie, and was a bit surprised to notice how the movie "You've Got Mail" is actually just a modernized version of this movie! Very cute, and Judy Garland is fantastic.

Mik F (fr) wrote: Unclassifiable odd masterpiece!

Stuart M (fr) wrote: A surprisingly good history lesson for a musical. It's a shame that it really only has two interesting songs.

Christopher M (fr) wrote: THIS FILM IS [email protected]$ED UP!

Teri C (gb) wrote: adult movie......interesting twist