Longing Nights

Longing Nights

Aitana, Pierrick, Rita and Jorge are all in their twenties and all look for ways to make their nights in the city of Madrid a little less lonely. Aitana is a sweet girl trapped in a men’s body; Pierrick is a cute French gay; Rita doesn't much care about her partner, Carolina, and walks through life with no expectations; Jorge is trapped in a relationship with no future: the one he has with Maria. Set against a background of drugs, sex, multiple partners and differing sexualities, Longing Nights follows the individual stories of these young people. A candid portrait of four relationships highly loaded with eroticism from beginning to end. Four stories told without no borders between fiction and reality.

Aitana, Pierrick, Jorge and Rita are all in their twenties and all look for ways to make their nights in the city of Madrid a little less lonely. Set against a background of drugs, sex, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cline D (ru) wrote: Prvisible, mais action, belles cascades, sympa, beau mec.

Michael M (nl) wrote: I have a weird relationship with Cronenberg films. I don't know if he's ever made a film I've necessarily "liked" in the strictest definition, but I'm always drawn to his films in an odd way. There's a hypnotic quality to them I find very intriguing. Cosmopolis is no different, and it's probably my favorite that I've seen from him thus far. It's weird and it sort of exists in its own universe where things don't always make sense and people don't talk like people. It's tense and aggravating yet beautiful and seductive. I'm not really sure what the movie was ultimately about, I'm not even sure I necessarily enjoyed it, but I was fascinated by it. It's a tough film to review. I can say that it's directed gorgeously in a tense way adds to the films sense of paranoia, I can say that all the actors do great, but that's all I can really say in a critical sense. It's an odd movie. It's a Cronenberg movie. But I think I'd like to watch it again.

Djmk T (kr) wrote: Was definitely not expecting much when I sat down to watch this movie. However, I was very much surprised. An interesting plot into the dark side of the art world. Very entertaining!

Steve N (ag) wrote: Fun, fantastical and entertaining.

Denise A (kr) wrote: It's wierd but couldnt help to keep watching it!

Tomas T (it) wrote: No my bag, doesn't like this at all. Where does all the E.T ' s ( Extra-Terrestrial ) person's come from ? in Almodovar's film's, i mean look at for one the person, that Victoria Abril play's ... LoL ... Tiresome.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: Ok, But these films should be left alone with action stars like Arnie, They don't do his career any favours.

Misty S (es) wrote: My love for Prince could not help this film. It sucked.

F B (mx) wrote: Dreadful film, dreadful acting and utter comical garbage

Dervilla O (us) wrote: good but could have been more intense.