Look Again and Again

Look Again and Again

The highs and lows of a romantic relationship are examined through flashbacks and flash-forwards.

The highs and lows of a romantic relationship are examined through flashbacks and flash-forwards. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Look Again and Again torrent reviews

Wymon T (ca) wrote: Entertaining and Funny

Paul C (ag) wrote: OK post-apocalyptic film on a budget. Well done, but not all that exciting or surprising.

Fabien R (jp) wrote: A part que a tient pas du tout debout, c'est pas affreux.

Anthony Z (jp) wrote: looks just a take on the texas chainsaw massacre franchise..... could've been really good if it was made better. could probably make a franchise out of Daniel. not bad....

Paul A (it) wrote: My favorite Tyler Perry movie.

Michael F (mx) wrote: Some of the most amazing work in the last forever...

Lauren B (de) wrote: Good movie, good humor and acting.

Andrew L (it) wrote: It's a sensational, revealing insight into the untimely deaths of two hip-hop legends, filled with extraordinary interviews, fresh evidence and hard research, even if Broomfield is an infuriating presence throughout as the self-satisfied centerpiece of the film.

Justin A (mx) wrote: One of my all time favorite comedies.

Braden A (ru) wrote: [b]Mr. Vampire[/b] This was quite a letdown, but I don't think it was the film's fault (if that makes any sense). Allow me to explain... ...basically, this movie incorporates a lot of humor having to deal with Chinese beliefs, rituals and customs. Me being a Canadian born-and-raised without any significant knowledge of Chinese culture found just about all of the humor went right over my head. It's definitely meant to be a comedy more than a kung-fu movie, seeing as there is very little actual fighting. What is there is very well done and inventive. So ya...I didn't like it much, however I am going ot give it another try in a few months. It wouldn't be the first time my opinion on a movie changed for the better. 4 [b]Fearless[/b] Every Peter Weir movie I have seen has had a prominent religious or spiritual undertone. [b]Fearless[/b], his 1993 film starring Jeff Bridges as a man whose personality is hugely altered after surviving a plance crash, is no exception. Bridges stars as Max Klein, an architect whose best friend is killed right before his eyes in a plane crash. There are many other fatalities and the wreckage is immense, but Klein walks away with only a small cut under his arm. This leads him to believe that in some way he has "died", and now he is invulnerable. He tests this at a diner where he orders a bowl of fresh strawberries and proceeds to eat several, while at the same time telling the woman he is sitting with about his deadly allergy to strawberries. The cast also includes Isabella Rossellini as Laura, Max's wife who is totally destroyed by Max's huge change after the crash; Tom Hulce as their money-grubbing lawyer who constantly insists that he is doing everything "in their best interests" and it's "not about the money"; Rosie Perez as Carla, a woman who is racked with guilt after her son was torn from her arms and killed in the crash; and John Turturro as the psychiatrist assigned to help Max and the other survivors deal with the crash. While Max insists that the crash didn't affect him in any negative way - even saying that it was the "best thing that ever happened to him" - it's immediately obvious that it has taken a great emotional toll on him. He completely closes himself off from his family and friends, instead obsessing over the idea of "saving" people from their fears. It's a very interesting story and concept, and Jeff Bridges' performance is undeniably powerful, but at the end I was stuck thinking "so what...what are you trying to say with this movie?" Should we be God-fearing, religious people who live cautiously because at any moment we could be taken? Should we reject religion and instead believe in the "nothingness" of death, living our lives to the very fullest? I there some middle ground? [b]Fearless[/b] is a very well made film from the acting to the beautiful cinematography and haunting musical score, but it seems unclear on what it is trying to say about life. Or maybe that's the whole point - maybe we are just meant to live however we feel we should. Whatever the film's message is, it's not very clear, and that's the film's biggest fault. 7

Ashleigh S (br) wrote: Hilarious! I loved it! I definitely prefer Sutton Foster's brash Millie on Broadway to Julie Andrews' character.I laughed out loud dozens of times! One for the whole family!

David U (fr) wrote: [font=Trebuchet MS]Full review to come. [/font]

Michael T (ca) wrote: Overlong & boring - its length definitely works against it.