Look at Me

Look at Me

This is the story of human beings who know exactly what they'd do if they were somebody else, but can't handle being themselves very well, who are very simply struggling to find out who they are.

A french girl gifted with a great voice, has a complex about her weight and her appearance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Look at Me torrent reviews

Sandi K (au) wrote: Great movie about redemption , heart, and perserverence!

Gena D (fr) wrote: it's cute. Didn't really grab me OR the beast.

Ara B (nl) wrote: Great movie! Don't miss it!!!I loved it!Awesome...

Roy C (fr) wrote: Each of the songs stands on its own.

Jeff D (kr) wrote: A pointless film. Perhaps the least visual film experience of my life. You can literally close your eyes and not miss one detail of the story.

(mx) wrote: This was a great film, it was very funny and awesome to watch, it shows how life can be, but a few things were out of place, I wish that first off they showed how Lisa decided to marry Murphy in the end, and they went to America very early in the movie in my opinion, but most movies start journeys quickly too, but I still don't like that, and finally it seemed to be kind of a short movie, but besides those mistakes, this was a flawless movie with incredible comedy and originality and was a smart idea to make something fresh and new and to travel to a new country and show what it's like to live like that, and I was so happy to see a college basketball game for a few minutes, it's my favorite sport, but I have to say I dislike St. John's basketball team because they tend to brag a lot, but anyways I'm glad they included my favorite sport, and I believe St. johns played Wisconsin or Indiana in the movie, my favorite team in college basketball is Illinois though, just saying.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: Ellen Burstyn is absolutely terrific (as per always), and Alan Alda does what he does best (combining jokey humor and goofy charm with a lot of heart). It very much feels like watching a filmed version of a play, given the sort of claustrophobic setting of a single room for the majority of the film. It's hard to make a film like that keep the audience's interest throughout, but the stars really make it work. The story is an interesting one, albeit a bit contrived in spots, and I especially enjoy the parts in which the protagonists speak about their families and especially their spouses. It's fascinating, and kind of refreshing, to see that they love their families, despite leaving them for a tryst once a year. Very well-directed, and just a lovely film.

Brett B (ag) wrote: Far more polished and serious than the show it spun-off from, this is a pretty classy - though very standard in terms of story - vampire opus. Some in the cast handle their parts with more aplomb than others, but Curtis' direction adds a creepy edge, Cobert's score is spooky, and Dick Smith's makeup work is first class.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Another one of Warner Bros. all-star wartime musicals tied to an implausible plotline (an army man meets and falls in love with Joan Leslie); the many songs and production numbers include the Oscar-nominated "Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart" and the Cole Porter hit "Don't Fence Me In," sung by both Roy Rogers and The Andrews Sisters.

Albert L (br) wrote: Good family night movie with some quirky humor.

Dave J (us) wrote: There is a remarkable man and story in here somewhere. It's pieced together a little too much, but his passion and often misguided drive are clearly portrayed.

Tristan P (br) wrote: Despite some inconsistency, Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a very funny comedy, with just the right amount of heart.

J M (kr) wrote: A frustratingly clinical film with few surprises. Attenborough delivers an embarrassingly uninventive one-note psycho performance as Christie, which destroys the picture's verisimilitude when contrasted with director Fleischer's plodding realization of an already extremely downbeat story. The only respite from the tedium comes in the form of young John Hurt's performance as a flawed but well-intentioned man of the working class, victimized by circumstance and rendered helpless by the ignorance of the justice system. Unfortunately, Hurt is equally helpless in terms of saving the movie, as was I in forcing myself to finish watching it.

Christopher L (ag) wrote: Well, here's a ridiculous movie.