Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways

During one unusually hot weekend, four friends struggle after hearing some life-changing news.

During one unusually hot and tragic weekend, four people struggle after hearing some life-changing news, this in turn brings them together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sara W (ca) wrote: I loved it, much better than the movie version. The chemistry between Karimloo and Boggess is fantastic.

gary t (ca) wrote: wow what a good movie 2 watch....imn a really huge fan of the tv show because its so really enjoyable n its just so really funny as well but this is a good take of from the hit tv show of the same name,,,its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie.,..i think that the director of this Art House & International, Drama, Comedy movie had done a really good job of directing this movie its really enjoyable as well...i think that phil cornwell who plays jack nicholson is great at playing him because he is a really funny man..its a good Art House & International, Drama, Comedy movie 2 watch but i think i prefer the tv show because its much better but there both so good n funny in there own ways

Burton D (us) wrote: great new era mainland film. has a little bit of vertigo thrown in.

Ricardo A (ag) wrote: May not be the worst teen movie you've seen but some witty dialogues can't save Fired up of some unfunny moments.

Lorelei A (ag) wrote: A fine opportunity for Bard Dourif to show what he can do.

Carlos M (it) wrote: The first twenty minutes are the work of genius, but then the film loses some of its focus and becomes a usual collection of sketches - though most of them hilarious and memorable. And Chaplin's idea of using spoken voices only from mechanical devices is brilliant.

Michele C (ru) wrote: I really do not understand how critics gave this so low of a score. It's entertaining from beginning to end. A very unrealistic far reaching story of a simple boy's life which almost feels a bit like several short stories built into one. The acting is fantastic, never a dull moment. Not for those who can only watch things which have to depict "real life" situations.

Jill W (br) wrote: A great family sci-fi film.

Hubert G (br) wrote: It has the basic framework of Poe's short story and is a solid interpretation.

Augustine H (es) wrote: Romance lovers and fans of Austen will not like this film for the clichd forbidden love under class conflicts and historical inaccuracy, but the traditional British landscape is well established, as well as the snobbish social atmosphere. The film should be quite enjoyable and moving to outsiders, especially with the presence of James McAvoy.

Sgt C (es) wrote: (42%) A great(ish) cast, a slightly witty script and a few laughs but its all let down by a plodding pace and complete lack of tension or excitement. Once "Mission impossible" came out in 1996 it overshadowed this so much that most people have almost completely forgotten about it, and rightly so, compare the fantastic Tom Cruse dangling from the ceiling scene, to this films Robert Redford slowly shuffling his feet in an attempt to avoid setting off the motion sensors. Enough said I think.