Looking for Simon

Looking for Simon

Simon, a young German doctor who lives and works in Marseille, goes missing. His appartment is empty. His mother Valérie is desperate. She doesn't understand the reason of his disappearance. Therefore she asks Jens, Simon's former boyfriend, to come to Marseille and help her finding him.

Simon, a young German doctor, who is living and working in Marseille, doesn't give any news. His appartment is empty. Valérie, his mother, is desperate. She doesn't understand the reason of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jillian L (kr) wrote: What was interesting and really refreshing about this movie was how grown up it was. And I mean that seriously. The movie is about sex, but it wasn't melodramatic and it wasn't a raunchy comedy. It was honest and frank. It was real. So nice job by writer and director Ben Lewin for keeping the story really grounded. The acting didn't hurt either. John Hawkes and Helen Hunt are great together. I loved their scenes together. Also, Hawkes physical work was fantastic as Mark, the main character who is in an iron lung. William H. Macy is fun as the priest who actually helps him, and Moon Bloodgood (that's a name huh) is great as Mark's attendant. There's not really a whole lot to say about it. It's a simple, honest, and not flashy, which worked wonderfully in its favor.

Brian R (ru) wrote: I eally wanted to like this, but it just didn't work for me. I liked the premise and felt that if the movie had been about 30 minutes shorter with a more focused plot it would have been quite good. Instead, it went on and on forever before finally reaching its destination. A shame...

Adam W (nl) wrote: Wait, what? I don't get it.

Kenneth B (ca) wrote: Woody Allen has become extremely good at producing these Annie Hall-lite efforts which naturally pale in comparison to his best films yet there is nearly always something worthwhile within the package. In this case Allen himself makes the most of his limited screen time, doing what he does best in one of his best comedic parts in recent times while Jason Biggs takes the lead role nicely. Notably he doesn't feel compelled to mimick Allen, perhaps Allen's presence negated the need for imitation, something that Will Ferrell and Kenneth Branagh have both been guilty of in Allen's absence from the screen. Instead Biggs get to do his down to earth, bumblingly likeable sort who is clearly punching above his weight, in this case with Christina Ricci, who by the way is also on endearing form.

Mary W (jp) wrote: This is my all time favourite Jackie movie, I don't know why but it is!

Matty S (jp) wrote: Lavish, erotic and grotesque -- Patrice Chreau's adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' historical fiction of the battle for control of 16th Century represented by the King of Navarre and King Charles IX is basically cinematic opera minus the singing. However, it works beautifully.

Rodney E (ca) wrote: Sure Problem Child is weak but it is somewhat classic in how it is weak

Jon T (ru) wrote: Every generation has a musical that many audiences consider iconic and still do. FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is one of them. About a Jewish patriarch who must deal with his daughters' ideas of marriage, this tale is at turns lively, intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and, finally, heartbreaking. Chaim Topol, recreating his role from the London cast, provides a charismatic, energetic performance as the lead character Tevye, an initially proud father figure whose pride gradually goes to pieces as he is forced to bend over backwards for the sake of his children's happiness, and deals with the czarists who threaten to drive the whole Jewish race out of his hometown of Anatevka. All this is interspersed by buoyant and emotionally charged musical numbers which breathe just as much heart and soul into an already compelling piece of drama. Norman Jewison does an excellent job of transitioning the stage play into a full length movie; the cinematography especially brings out the rustic tones of Anatevka and the Russian setting. The only minor criticisms one might have is that the film is quite long, clocking in at slightly over three hours and some dance sequences do feel stretched out, but on the other hand, it's hard to imagine this film without them. All in all, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF is both a classic musical and an equally fantastic movie that treats its source material with the love and care it deserves. I highly recommend it, especially for fans of great singing, dancing, and tragedy.

Hector H (br) wrote: Very good. The political/historical backdrop makes it a little long but also adds suspense. Lillian Gish does some very fine acting.

Dusty L (jp) wrote: I would also like to call this movie, Smart Dogs and Stupid People. It has some great moments with the dogs surviving, but the scenes with the people ruin this movie for me.

Wes S (es) wrote: Star Trek 4 takes a fun idea and runs it along fairly well, even if it is quite confusing at times. There are plenty of fun moments, tho not as much action as the previous films. Good characters, good effects, and a decent follow-up.

Normand R (ca) wrote: Enfin vu le film qui est devenu le premier succs international de la Hammer. Excellente science-fiction horrifique avec des effets spciaux rabais, mais pas niaiseux, et qui gardent leur charme surann. Warner et Wordsworth sont excellents, surtout ce dernier dans un rle qui n'est pas sans rappeler la crature de Frankenstein, qui attend dans le dtour d'tre illustre par le grand Christopher Lee pour les mmes studios. Vraiment, une petite srie B fort efficace et dont le suspense ne s'mousse pas avec le temps.

Ashley H (au) wrote: Arrowhead is an excellent film. It is about Ed Bannon who works for the US Army at Fort Clark, Texas. Charlton Heston and Jack Palance give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Charles Marquis Warren did a great job directing. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the action and adventure plus drama.