Loren Cass

Loren Cass

Adolescents come to terms with their lives after the rebellions of 1996 St. Petersburg.

Adolescents come to terms with their lives after the rebellions of 1996 St. Petersburg. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (kr) wrote: Ado film. I did not like the narration by our heroine throughout the film. Story is good to follow though and knowing you'll die soon is always dramatic. Very annoying that it happens to children.

Jonathan P (it) wrote: Kyss Mig is another film that receives high praise from supporters and fans of the genre yet just as in Brokeback Mountain we are forced to empathize with a character who openly cheats on her boyfriend/wife. It is hard to really feel for them even if their attractions are different. Kyss Mig has some good acting but without being able to attach myself to a character other than the boyfriend who she was cheating on I just couldn't enjoy the film.

Michael P (ca) wrote: An ensemble cast. A quirky sense of humor. Its fun and light hearted. Its well acted.

Eliska B (br) wrote: control v n?m?in?, nic extra

Martin W (it) wrote: this film was actually a little clever :) loved it

Esperana N (kr) wrote: very good one, dramatic, suspense and a secret that it must be reveled! the combination of ballet with the so called love in this story!

Shane I (es) wrote: Sure I will see this when it comes out on blue ray or dvd...someone else rents it or buys it. Or I buy it when its 4.99 at walmart three years from now, well if I really bore stream it off the internet and just watch parts of it. Well still drawing at the same time, but still be into my drawings more.

Leighton T (fr) wrote: Avant-garde to the extreme, this film plays out like it really wants to be a smart, artistic film with beautiful imagery and little dialogue, but it really just comes off banal and a half-assed attempt at something truly poetic. Everything symbolic feels trite or so dense that Sokurov's metaphors are lost within everything else. Only a couple of moments did I feel like I was starting to understand what he was trying to say before he went and lost me again. Honestly, it felt like I was watching a foreign meldorama disguised as a foreign art film. There's a great deal of talk about the homo-erotic qualities to it; there are moments, but I could feel what he was trying to do was comment on the relationship of a father and his son and what that ultimately means, but all that needed to be subtext wasn't and all that needed to be said wasn't said at all. Whatever he was trying to convey, it got lost in his passion for trying to say it in the first place. The only thing I came out of it with was some nice cinematography.

Mathieu B (de) wrote: Bon thriller avec du style a revendre, mais sans plus. Monica est toujours aussi pitoune, c'etait agreable a l'oeil par moment. Sinon, assez mineur et oubliable.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Directed by John Badham (Saturday Night Fever (1977), Short Circuit (1986) and Stakeout (1987)) this idea was pitched by two professional skydivers Tony Griffin and Guy Manos. The film was originally slated to star Steven Seagal, but he passed on the idea, then it went to Wesley Snipes, who loved the idea. It's a silly, by-the-numbers action film, but it passes for muster while it lasts. U.S. Marshal Pete Nessip (Wesley Snipes) and his brother Terry (Malcolm Jamal-Warner), also a U.S. Marshal, are escorting Earl Leedy (Michael Jeter), a computer wizard by plane to a high security jail, after an attempt is made on Leedy's life. On the flight, the plane is hijacked by former DEA agent Ty Moncrief (Gary Busey), who kidnaps Leedy by skydiving out of the plane, killing Terry in the process. Although Pete is forced to turn in his badge, he swears revenge. But he learns of Moncrief's plan to attack Washington D.C. during a parachute and airshow exhibition, so Pete calls upon skydiver Jessie Crossman (Yancy Butler) to help. It's a very silly film, and it has some good moments, and a lot of the skydiving stunts were done for real when they could be. Not all of it works, but it manages to be fun, brainless entertainment while it lasts. Busey does his bad-guy thing again, and he has fun, but Snipes makes for a charistmatic lead action hero.

Michael W (mx) wrote: Jonathan Demme's directorial debut. Pretty standard women-in-prison fare with all the usual trappings but offers a couple novelties and helped by better than average (for the genre) production values. Must viewing for any WIP completist.

Garald P (de) wrote: I like the pace of the movie. And how they used improvised dialogue

David M (gb) wrote: Q: How do you know when a movie is a bona-fide hit?A: When it is turned into a Broadway Musical, has a reality-TV show obviously based on it starring KISS frontman Gene Simmons (Rock School), and is planned to turn into a TV series.All of which has happened to this movie.Starring Jack Black - who, I'd like to imagine, the Director just let rip as he's clearly having a blast - this is in reality a fish-out-of-water story, with his character of Dewey Finn the lead guitarist of a bar band, kicked out of said band, and stealing his flat-mates identity as a substitute teacher and then hatching a plan to get his class to become 'his' band.Of course, by the end of it, it becomes the kid's band, all of whom have now learnt self-respect, while Finn has learnt it's all not just about him.Normally I don't find Jack Black comedies all that funny; this is a rare exception.