Los asesinos

Los asesinos


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Javier E (gb) wrote: Inma Cuesta le imprime mucho carisma a esta historia sobre una chica que recibe 3 invitaciones a bodas, todas de sus ex parejas. Divertida, vale la pena. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Cathlene B (mx) wrote: James Cromwell bowled us over when he shot Kevin Spacey in LAConfidential and he doesn't get a lot of leading roles. In this movie, he shines as the husband of Genevive Bujold. The supporting cast is excellent. A favorite of mine is Campbell Scott as the lawyer.

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Overly americanised.

Liolia K (us) wrote: Very shallow and superficial. And to make things worse, perdictable.

James H (de) wrote: A terrific if not shocking insight into the life of a relatively unknown music mogul of the sixties.Don't expect Paul Nicholls and Danny Dyer to appear because they ain't in it! Lol!

Joseph A (fr) wrote: Misses a lot more than it hits with some cheap laughs but for the most part you should avoid this unless you are a huge fan of Mr. Show, then you should watch just to pay tribute to Cross and Odenkirk. But even then you probably still won't enjoy it.

Kelly O (us) wrote: Greatest movie ever. Hey to the folks.

Chris A (au) wrote: Maxwell Houser....classic.

Doctor S (us) wrote: It's all about sensitivity and soft focus for David Hamilton, a director from a bygone age of earnest erotica. He poses his subjects like in the paintings of Rubens, and seduction scenes proceed at a pace of live action slow-motion. There's not much story, and the logistics of where people are and what time they are there never made sense, but to his credit he's more interested in exploring the honesty of people's feelings. I only watched this because it marked the film debut of the luminous Emmanuelle Beart who received something like sixth billing, but it turned out to be better, and certainly more mature, than I expected for a sexual-coming-of-age feature. Some quality camerawork, including a memorable shot expressing the distance between a husband on the pier and his wife departing in a boat, and beautiful bodies keep the eyes satisfied. The ending is quite abrupt and I was rather stunned at the way the guy was hung out to dry following the greatest grief of his life!

Daniel S (ag) wrote: 'S classic, but it's so wierd to watch this stuff today.

Richard D (us) wrote: A Stanley Kramer production that feels like what you'd get if you blended one of Kramer's "social conscience" productions with a spaghetti western. If that doesn't sound like a completely satisfying prospect to you, well then you're mostly right. George Segal plays a Confederate veteran who comes home to find that his Union-sympathizing home town has taken away everything he owned and don't plan on giving it back. Town honcho Pat Hingle doesn't want him around and ends up hiring mysterious gunfighter Yul Brynner to kill Segal. It's quite reminiscent of Eastwood's "High Plains Drifter", while a lot more liberal Hollywood slick that that flick. It is thoroughly entertaining if overwhelmingly slight.