Los bingueros

Los bingueros

Fernando Esteso, Andres Pajares and Antonio Ozores... funny, sexy and great movie!!!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:debt,   game,   vice,  

Fernando Esteso, Andres Pajares and Antonio Ozores... funny, sexy and great movie!!! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Los bingueros torrent reviews

Griffin L (ag) wrote: An excellent sequel to one of the best action movies in years. Slower paced than the first film and certain scenes stagnate but just like the The Raid, it's brings more masterfully choreographed and dynamic fight scenes that put the rest of the industry to shame.

JP D (es) wrote: def a must watch. especially for young boys & girls.

Lisa (gb) wrote: Even the trailer looks fun!!!!

Carl N (de) wrote: The title of this film is spot on. The character Izzy is indeed one very sick girl. On the outside she is a sweet innocence loving little girl, doing her best look after her 9 year old brother. Sadly Izzy is also a perverted killer. Whose hobbies include Kidnapping, torture, penile amputations, Child murder and urinating on Nuns. What I found interesting is that the makers didn't just focus on wall to wall gore scenes. Izzy is portrayed as almost an anti-heroine. There are slap dashes of Dark comedy through out. The teacher and his lost rat are of some amusement and lighten the mood. But the laughing soon stops when Izzy goes into psycho mode. The scenes of violence are extremely sadistic and brutal. They are not shot in a cartoonish way either, making them uncomfortable to watch. Even for a hardened horror/gorno fan like me. I found the ending deeply shocking and disturbing. It's something I'm not going to forget for a while. This is a very powerful movie.

Private U (br) wrote: The plot isn't dramatic, and you kinda know what the ending is like. But the acting and actors are too awesome to pass up.

danny d (gb) wrote: godard seemed to be in a period where coherency and story mattered a whole lot less than art, which doesnt work in film, because the true art of film is the ability to tell good stories, but this film has enough other things going for it despite its lack of clarity that it is saved from disaster. the film is shot very well, and seeing godard in front of his camera was interesting enough. missing the charm of his earlier work but still very watchable.

Blair H (mx) wrote: Yep. I've seen this. After reading the synopsis I figured it might be B movie camp at its finest. And it has George Takei in it. What I got wasn't what I was expecting. This movie is definitely a contender for the worst movie I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong. I like bad movies. Jason X is one of my favorites (Jaaasooon...iiiiinnn...SPAAAAAACE). This steaming pile of poo (I won't dignify it by calling it a movie, let alone a film) is so abysmally bad that I think I might be dumber for having watched it.What makes it even worse is that while it mentions the main characters enter stripping competitions, you don't actually see anything. I know that makes me seem like a skeevy perv, but when a movie is this bad AND there's no gratuitous nudity to at least focus your attention...that's an affront to B movie making. And don't get me started on the acting. Ever been to a terrible high-school play? You've seen better acting. Avoid this movie like the plague. It's not even worth seeing for its terribleness. This movie MIGHT be good if you were so completely drunk that you've forgotten your own name.