Los enamorados

Los enamorados


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Rajiv M (es) wrote: very slow movie, unwatchable in this day and age

Richard D (es) wrote: An impressionistic film shot in 16 mm in Kentucky about a young boy and his older cousin hanging out by themselves and dealing with their secrets and abandonment issues. There is a story, but not much of one. Your enjoyment will depend on how much you enjoy watching a beautifully shot film that doesn't really amount to much. I enjoyed it.

Joyce M (kr) wrote: I wasn't mistaken, it does look pretty in its black & white photography. It was weird in some angles with all the deaths and nonsensical shit happening..but over all, I enjoyed it.

Kristin R (ag) wrote: Ummmm...... well...... I really can't think of anything to say other than I was completely and utterly bored. The one star is purely for Elba's brilliant performance, but the movie could really have done with not being made at all. Sadly lacklustre.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: Though the ending got better, this was mostly extremely painful to watch.

Howard B (fr) wrote: Swelling with belly laughs and a story that keeps pushing further every time you think it can't get any crazier, this is a real treat. The film expertly rips off the style, direction and filming techniques of classic blaxsploitation movies whilst also subtly parodying. The laughs will get you through the meandering first half, the craziness will keep you pinned to the second half and the overall experience sticks as something, somehow, truly unique.

John P (it) wrote: Great documentary that may have made George Harrison my favorite Beatle.

Eleanor E (ag) wrote: i trust it will be good :P

Darla R (ru) wrote: Great love story....tells us not to let your wants falter under someone else. And we are human beings. Its a probable story that could and I'm positive has happened in true life. Reading the book is a different experience than watching the movie. Many more details!!! Great movie!!!

Robbie M (fr) wrote: Truly fascinating movie

Andy C (es) wrote: You know, pod people got no reason to live.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Complicated civil-war-esque story from 16th century France, but at the same time a fantastic costume drama with a great mood and atmosphere in the film-making.

pammy m (de) wrote: in my opinion best movie ever made A+

bill s (kr) wrote: The right cast with the wrong script.

Daniel C (fr) wrote: The curly-haired pianist from 'Fame' is a multi-allergic teenager in a plastic bubble. Tawney Kitaen is a pop star and the object of the bubble boy's desire.His millionaire parents vow to bring the pop star to the boy, her gradually falling in love with him and making love by rubbing against each other through the plastic bubble.She incurs the wrath of her sleazy Spanish agent-cum-boyfriend, who has a terrible time with dog dirt all through this movie.The Bubble Boy thinks he has just been used by the pop-star to further her career and escapes his confines to meet up with a jive-talking forty-year-old paper boy in a jeep, through whom he travels to the girl's house and dies, struggling to fight against his allergy, in her arms.The film is god awful, but it is an unintentionally hilarious classic. Someone who thinks they have all the early eighties cinema ingredients - an Italian production team in fact - get it hilariously wrong, including a sub-Moroder synth soundtrack, one of the most embarrassingly unerotic sex-scenes ever filmed or participated in by mankind and the aforementioned Spanish-Italian villain whose every line is a phonetic fart.Real beer+pals+junk-food fare. Buy or rent immediately if you find it!

Tsukasa A (fr) wrote: The Swedish movie is based the autobiographical novel by Reidar Jonsson. It is no longer old fashioned and gives fresh and touching sensation. People in the village are good in nature, funny and generous and warmly watch over the boy who lost his mother. Not only the kids acting leading roles but also the supporting actors and actresses perform unique characters nicely. With its well examined plot, this is a great movie.

Gregg D (ca) wrote: A fantastic comedy. The cast just shines. Saw on TCM 1/10/12.

Andrew S (br) wrote: Does Tomb Raider have little to nothing to do with the games it is based on? Yes. Does it have a nearly incomprehensible and silly plot? Absolutely. Is it over the top and stupid? Yep. But what it lacks in sense it makes up for with pure entertainment. Angelina Jolie's performance as Lara Croft is fantastic, and is pretty much the entire reason that the movie is fun to watch. If you need any other reason to watch this movie, Angelina Jolie skis out of a collapsing cave with broken pieces of wood pulled by dogs. In Russia. She also fights a killer robot with nothing but twin pistols, and shoots living statues in the face. Need I say more?

Federico F (kr) wrote: Sport-comedy sgangherata e molto eccessiva

Pavinder A (jp) wrote: Daniel Day Lewis' performance was incredibly overrated. The story was garbage. The score was haughty and obnoxious. No one was likable. I don't have many good things to say about this movie, save one -- it was barely good enough for me to keep watching. 5/10.