Los inadaptados

Los inadaptados


A lonely boy did not want to live until he meets a girl who pretends to be a star performer. An arrogant lawyer gets a lesson of life to get stuck in an elevator with a single servant. Through the Internet, a computer lover enters into a blind date, the stranger might be too known. Five elders decide to kill boredom and to get excited about planning to rob a bank. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mikey P (gb) wrote: doc. about pets lost in katrina and owners trying to fing them, very sad but a lot of nice stories too.

Shashatha H (ru) wrote: Packs enough action and performances to be good on it's own way. 6.5/10

Miranda C (ru) wrote: This movie is fantastic, but you cannot go into it thinking it's a normal sort of horror movie. The horror is in the choices the characters make, rather than a standard slasher flick. It's a psychological horror, rather than what you typically expect from America's horror genre.The acting and cinematography are great, beautiful scenery, actually nice costumes that fit the period. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle are fantastic in this film, and while straying a little from the Wendigo mythology, it still kept pretty true to heart of it; it's a monster and all it does is devour. It's sad that this is rated so low on here.If you like more psychological horror, this is your type of movie.

Casey C (ca) wrote: I want to see this movie again.. i remeber watching it when it came out.

Steve M (fr) wrote: When the meanest outlaw in the Wild West, Evil Roy Slade (Astin), falls in love with a beautiful school teacher (Austin), he tries to change his wicked ways and she helps him with her kind, liberal heart and treatment from her psychiatrist friend (DeLuise). But is Evil Roy simply too evil to change? Will the coldhearted Rail Baron that Evil Roy has been tormenting for years (Rooney) and the egomaniacal singing sheriff Bing Bell (Shawn) even give him the time he needs to change? "Evil Roy Slade" is quite possibly one of the funniest, screwiest westerns ever made. John Astin is hilarious from his first moment on screen, and he doesn't let up until the very last shot. There isn't a line he delivers that isn't hiliarious and perfect in its comic timing, whether he's delivering the joke or serving as the straight man so one of the excellent members of the supporting cast can provide the laugh line. And, although great talents like Mickey Rooney, Henry Gibson, Dom DeLuise and Milton Berle all appear in the film, this is John Astin's movie. With a never-ending barrage of spot-on jokes, absurdities, sight gags, and even a little sideways social commentary, "Evil Roy Slade" is a film of a quality that belies its network television origins; it was made as the pilot for a serries that never got off the ground. It ranks up there with the great movie comedies, like "Blazing Saddles", "Monte Python and the Holy Grail", and "Duck Soup". It's one of those films that deserves to be far better known than it is. Trust me: If liked any of the movies I just listed, you'll enjoy the hell out of "Evil Roy Slade". Evil Roy Slade Starring: John Astin, Mickey Rooney, Pamela Austin, Henry Gibson, Dom DeLuise, Milton Berle, Dick Shawn, and Edie Adams Director: Jerry Paris

Alberto G (gb) wrote: Una joya en todo sentido de la palabra.

Romina R (mx) wrote: Smart, witty... and extremely misogynistic.

Josiah C (ag) wrote: Awakening has plenty of action, but it suffers from a cliched storyline and thin script.