Los liantes

Los liantes

Amador and Fidel are two small scammers operating in Torremolinos beach and surroundings with more misery than fortune.

Amador and Fidel are two small scammers operating in Torremolinos beach and surroundings with more misery than fortune. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel K (au) wrote: This movie can be best described as "southern gothic". It's quite stunning visually (you can almost feel the grit) and starts very promising, but as it moves along, the story becomes hard to follow and weirder by the minute.

The Critic (ag) wrote: The gem that nobody saw, 'Wonder Boys' is a beautifully composed piece of cinema about self-discovery, constructed with Steven Kloves' witty screenplay (adapted from Michael Chabon's novel) and solid direction of Curtis Hanson. It's a film driven by its assortment of likeable, quirky characters, and allows its fine cast to truly shine. Michael Douglas is excellent as our chief protagonist (one of the better roles of his lengthy career), supported perfectly by Robert Downey, Jr. and anchored by the restraint Frances McDormand. The lovely Katie Holmes is also solid despite a minimal role, but the film belongs to Tobey Maguire, who demonstrates why he's one of the finest actors of his generation.

Tony H (es) wrote: In 'Cemetery Man', better known in Europe as 'Dellamorte Dellamore', poor old Rupert Everett (before he was famous), has to deal with a pesky plague of corpses that return to life on the seventh night of their burial in the graveyard of a small "Italian" town of Buffalora. Although there isn't a single word of Italian spoken in the film, apart from the words "Dellamorte" & "Dellamore", the Italian setting is unmistakable. At first, the premise sounds great. It promised a return (or at least a nod) to the good old days of 70's Italian gore classics, like 'Zombie Flesh Eaters' or 'Zombie Creeping Flesh', but unfortunately, after the first 25 minutes or so, it descends into a mish-mash of the unintelligible and the aimless.Honestly, I do understand why this movie would have a decent following, but the film really doesn't know which direction it's going in. It continually wanders off down blind alleys and gets itself lost. Even the basic premise that the film is hung on is never fully fleshed out...so to speak and is completely abandoned half way through the running time. Likewise, the side story of Everett's hopeless infatuations with several women (all of whom are Anna Falchi) never seems to know what to do with itself and therefore one is left with an unsatisfying taste in the mouth, when the end credits roll.Unfortunately, the film's characters don't save the day either. Everett comes across as an annoying foppish Englishman (totally out of place in the Italian setting), with an inbuilt detachment from the whole project. Falchi is, of course very striking, but couldn't act her way out of a paper bag and every other character is there to make up the numbers it seems. Except for Everett's monosyllabic friend and work colleague Gnaghi, who's played greatly by Francois Hadji-Lazaro and is easily the best thing about the movie."Gna!"But, while 'Cemetery Man' fails to deliver on its promises, it does hold a certain spell over the viewer. It's atmosphere is not without merit and in fact it's a far more interesting movie than a large percentage of the dross that gets the green light every year and in a way, its aimlessness is one of its charms, in that you truly never know where the film is going to go next. The problem is though, is that you get the feeling that the director Michele Soavi wasn't 100% sure either. I haven't read the book that the film was based on, but I'd wager that there are a number of departures from the novel's narrative. Either way the film veers from the superbly weird 'Mr. Vampire' like atmosphere one minute, to absurd, inane and extremely annoying idiocy the next.It also difficult to know just who Soavi was thrusting his picture to. As a bizarre pudding of zombie horror, comedy, romance & eurotrash, the film promises everything on the one hand and delivers nothing with the other. Simply because none of the themes are expanded on and are discarded willy-nilly. The zombies are few and far between (and are completely forgotten about), the comedy is not funny, the romance has no chemistry and is aborted all the time and the eurotrash is just not trashy enough.'Cemetery Man' is, in no way, a complete failure though due largely to the previously mentioned atmosphere and I'd recommend it for that (and Gnaghi) alone. But it is certainly not in the same stable as weird euro horror of the 1970's / 80's and is sure to disappoint many who will come at it from that angle.Either way, it's probably a movie that I will revisit sometime in the future, but I'll almost surely come away from it feeling the same way. Confused, unsatisfied and a little short changed.

Andrea M (nl) wrote: Expected more, but a pretty fun movie.

Kevin S (us) wrote: During a family retreat at their vacation home a misunderstood kid and his relatives discover little aliens that want to take over the world. This surprisingly wasn't too bad considering there are actors from the disney channel in this movie. It is a little corny and clich (C) but there are some humorous parts which still make it enjoyable and the plot really wasn't that bad either. It also is a good clean and fun family movie that you can watch with your kids. It's kinda lame but still has it's value in entertainment.

Jayakrishnan R (ru) wrote: 77%Saw this on 2/12/14Time Bandits is likeable film for fans of fantasy and Terry Gilliam, others may find the utterly PG-13 script to be ridiculing. The film lagged a lot up to the first 30 minutes, from there it slightly picks up pace. Gilliam's Monty Python friends are disappointing and so is Ian Holm as Napolean. The lack of gore and action is slightly disappointing, but still the visuals and sets are mind blowing considering the time upon which it was made. Sean Connery is one amongst the few senior actors who succeeded in their roles. The performance of Craig Warnock must be praised as the boy is one of the best aspects of this film. It requires praise for being able to make a sound film without such a hefty cast and combining top notch visuals and sets. However, the lack of tension is evident and a bit disheartening. Like almost all the other Gilliam movies( 12 Monkeys and Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus), the film film has a mysterious and strange ending.