Los miserables

Los miserables

Jean Valjean, an old man whose life has been nearly destroyed by his pursuit by an implacable lawman, Javert, for a minor infraction years before, finds himself and his adopted daughter ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Jean Valjean, an old man whose life has been nearly destroyed by his pursuit by an implacable lawman, Javert, for a minor infraction years before, finds himself and his adopted daughter ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack P (ca) wrote: It's cheesy but fun and sweet.

Kathy L (es) wrote: Surprise find on Netflix. well done romantic comedy about relationships. Loved the casting and videography. Laughed out loud several times...

Dana W (jp) wrote: i have never even heard of this movie.

Ian G (ca) wrote: A very preditcable travellog romantic dramedy that actually for what it is acts as ok escapism, following a attractive couple, Seyfried and Benal, who are very successful at their respective arts inspired careers who for whatever reason decide to actually go on their honeymoon before their wedding to escape the crazy workloads of starting a new restaurant and writing commitments shortly after their nuptials. Of course within moments of them touching down in Italy, Benal gets caught up in self centred exploration looking for new foods and wines he can bring back home for his restaurant leaving Seyfried to explore Italy and discover by accident a wall where letters seeking advice in love are left to be answered by a fictional Juliet who are really a group of spinsters. When a 50 year old letter is found and in short return answered by the writter and her grandson, Seyfrieds own adventure begins which challenges her own sense of what love is. Totally glossy and movie logic explaining whats best for a couple and what love is, the film is helped by the chemistry of Seyfried Chris Eagen as her new suitor and Redgrave being the optimist elder statement. Brainless fluff but engaging for what it is.

Richard V (ag) wrote: Aaron Eckhart, JK Simmons, Robert Duvall, and William H. Macy are amazing in this clever satire about a spokesman who speaks on behalf of Big Tobacco. There's a number of dilemmas that Eckhart's character faces in the movie, and he faces them with both charming wit and a philosophy that makes him a great debater. It's a great movie where, even though he know he represents one of the world's deadliest industries, you want him to succeed. But it leads to happier ending, and I enjoyed the ride.

Slade W (mx) wrote: Superb film. Absolutely loved every minute. My favourite Coen Brothers film. 10/10

Grayson D (br) wrote: One of the best of the many sci fi movies popular in the 50's.

Devlin H (fr) wrote: Three new soldiers and two journalists are attached to Outpost 37, which was built by the United States Defense Force to combat remaining alien troops left over from an alien invasion.Overall, the movie was alright. The plot was kind of interesting, though nothing to get to hyped about.

Darren C (jp) wrote: Without a doubt this is the worst American Pie in the entire collection. The problem that many people, including myself, had with this movie is that it shouldn't even have the name 'American Pie' considering it literally has nothing to do with it. The only things that tie the two together is the 'Book of Love' which is seen in the very first American Pie, Jim's dad and the name Stifler. This time, the main characters have nothing to do with the Stiflers but they just know him as a guy who happens to go to their school. When the main characters find a book about sex in their school with missing pages, they go on a quest to try and complete the book. It's actually funny for this to be called a comedy as there's nothing remotely funny about this slice of pie. The characters are so boring you could cry, the comedy is recycled trash and the story is just awful. The only good thing about the movie is Eugene Levy but even then, he couldn't save the film. The original series is always going to be better than the 'presents' series but there have been one or two good movies. Unfortunately, The Book of Love isn't one of them and try as you may, it's hard to forget it. It's just absolutely, horrifyingly awful. Don't buy this, don't rent this and don't even watch it if it's on TV. Avoid this at all costs! The poster above says that the movie is 'too hot for cinemas' but what it really should say is 'too crap for cinemas', at least then it'd be closer to the truth. Even with zero expectations, The Book of Love still managed to disappoint because of it's lazy writing, it's one-dimensional characters, it's poor performances and crap humour. Usually, even the poor 'presents' films have something funny about it but this has nothing. Not even Eugene Levy could save this atrocity. It's a shame that the 'presents' series had to end on a bad note but with the release of American Pie: Reunion, I can probably see there being more.

Gordon R (br) wrote: A teenagers body is possessed by evil in this predictable cheesy thriller.

Brian B (mx) wrote: So the year is 1980...and Walken is wearing some weird ass pants. I mean, the cut of his trousers is unfortunate. I dvr'd this off IFC, and it is certainly worth a try if you liked the film version of Forsyth's "The Day of the Jackal" (later reinterpreted as The Jackal with Bruce Willis shooting Jack Black's arm off...best scene). He also wrote the book this film is based on. So, weird pants, super grenade-launcher gun HEAVILY featured in the trailer, Walken, and mercenaries mindlessly blowing up a small African force gets three stars.

Sandy K (es) wrote: One of our favorite movies -- especially at Christmas time.