Los tres mosqueteros de Dios

Los tres mosqueteros de Dios

Three priests resort to desperate long-shots (like quiz-shows) to raise money for their parish.

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Gary M (de) wrote: So bad it's great. Fun plot. Great take on the apocalypse.

Red L (ag) wrote: One of the better Canadian farce movies around. Certainly not a textbook plot. The characters are pretty twisted and its a funny movie.

Alexandra B (us) wrote: MUy BUena pelicula Y COLOMBIANA! PA QUE VEAN QUE AQUI LO QUE HAY ES TALENTO!

Sam v (ru) wrote: weeelll it hott n sweeaat...

Adam E (mx) wrote: Dans la veine de Bernie, Dupontel nous ramene une fois de plus dans son monde decale et chaotique. Beaucoup de moments tres marrants avec une realisation tres stylee. "Bonjour monsieur l'horloger!!"

Adam R (ag) wrote: You probably had to be a teenager when it came out to like this movie. Lucky for me I was, and I still think it's funny and lighthearted. (First viewing - Teen years)

Ron L (ca) wrote: Long and painfully dull (155 minutes).

Brian S (kr) wrote: If you can ignore the fucking terrible CGI effects, it stands out as a pretty satisfying and super entertaining movie. The acting by Jack Nicholson and other really famous actors are excellent. And even the CGI effects, you can think of the shlockiness as a result of being extraterrestrial. It also real well references the old 1950's science-fiction B-movies such as Earth vs. The Flying Saucers and The Day the Earth Stood Still. You can tell that this is a Tim Burton flick and it's also very funny and a fun appearance by Tom Jones and his music!! Recommended !!

Oscar H (mx) wrote: Det gigantiska vildsvinet gr brsrk, och gr det bra!

Christopher B (us) wrote: Not quite a film noir, though several of the plot elements are present. Great to see Lee playing the heavy and Moreno... well... let's just say it's great seeing Rita doing what she does so well. Carroll was mostly typecast for these few years, but Garner shows just a hint of Bogart as he tries on a detective's persona. Glad he went back to his Maverick persona for the Rockford Files.

Chris J (de) wrote: I enjoyed this story, it had a low-budget-Tarantino feel to it.

Anand K (jp) wrote: They didn't say 'who's yo daddy' in the 1960s. Cheerleaders did not do hip-hop moves. They didn't tell yo mama jokes. Surprised no one was saggin. The whole period accuracy thing was idiotic.

Sierra B (de) wrote: Signs is a film that will leave you with the question in your mind of "am I the type of person who sees miracles?" or "Do I believe in coincidences?" This is a much more productive thought process than that of your typical alien film. We get asked one of lifes most important questions by characters we love and trust. This is what makes Signs such an amazing film.

Charlie H (gb) wrote: I would love to see a sequil.