Lost Angels

Lost Angels

Rich L.A. party brat Tim (Adam Horovitz) spins into a cycle of despair after his parents divorce, and trying to fill the void with drugs and trouble only buys him a ticket to an asylum. But with the help of a psychiatrist (Donald Sutherland) who has taken an interest in him, will Tim try to pull himself out of the muck of teenage rebellion and ennui?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:116 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:flashback,   gang,   drugs,  

Tim Doolan, a troubled youth from a broken home in Los Angeles, is sent to a private psychiatric hospital after a violent scrape with the police. There he meets Dr. Charles Loftis, a dedicated psychologist who fights back against the rigid institution and tries to help Tim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus B (ag) wrote: A great movie for Apple-sockpuppets, a great farce and comical warp of reality for everybody else.

Joey F (gb) wrote: This movie is basically perfect. Everything about it is wonderful. I won't even say anything else. Go watch it.

Florence (it) wrote: Tendo apenas 23 anos, Ann (Sarah Polley) me de duas garotinhas, Penny (Jessica Amlee) e Patsy (Kenya Jo Kennedy), e casada com Don (Scott Speedman), que constri piscinas. Ela trabalha todas as noites na limpeza de uma universidade, onde nunca ter condies de estudar, e mora com sua famlia em um trailer, que fica no quintal da casa da sua me (Deborah Harry). Ann mantm uma distncia obrigatria do pai, pois ele h dez anos est na priso. Aps passar mal, Ann descobre que tem cncer nos ovrios. A doena alcanou o estmago e logo estar chegando no fgado, assim ela ter no mximo trs meses de vida. Sem contar a ningum seu problema e dizendo que est com anemia, Ann faz uma lista de tudo que sempre quis realizar, mas nunca teve tempo ou oportunidade. Ela comea uma trajetria em busca de seus sonhos, desejos e fantasias, mas imaginando como ser a vida sem ela.

Shan S (jp) wrote: Wonderfully depressing with fantastic acting by Kieran Culkin.

Knox M (gb) wrote: Has some minor laughs but how could such a talented filmmaker as Louis Malle make a film as unoriginal and tasteless as this? Rating mostly for the talent involved.

Paul D (au) wrote: This movie is bad and cheesy, but it still deserves to be watched from time to time. Freddy Krueger will always be iconic, and while this movie is not the best of the series...it also isn't the worst. It is fun to watch for what it is.

Randal K (gb) wrote: The classiest horror pick ever. Brosnan doing his best work -- which is downright weird, but true. Great, original details in characterization. Hmm -- "No friends want to see this" says Facebook. A shame.

Scott M (ca) wrote: This was a popular film in Australia back when it was released. It starred a young Nicole Kidman, and this, along with the remake of 'Bush Christmas', was the first film that she appeared in. There are a lot of stunts involving BMX bikes. The camera work for these are very well done. The plot reminds me of the British children's films that I saw in primary school. Kids outwit adults and help to foil a crime. I never would have imagined that twenty six years later, Nicole Kidman would become a major star in Hollywood.

Robin N (ru) wrote: I don't care what critics say, this is one of my favorite suspense movies ever.It has LOADS of depth that allows you to get more out of it with each time you watch.Perhaps it's only true weakness is the above. Watching it once doesn't give you the full experience and a "Basic Virgin" may have trouble following all the twists and turns this movie takes.

Mark R (br) wrote: Enjoyed the music and the occasionally embellished but true story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.