Lost Command

Lost Command

The film begins with the final moments of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954, when the final assault of Viet Minh is imminent. The weakened French garrison awaits reinforcements that arrive with a single plane under the command of Major De Clairefons. The outpost commander, Basque Lt. Col. Pierre-Noel Raspeguy (Quinn) fights to protect the group, but the paras are slaughtered as they land

This is the story of French Lt. Col. Pierre-Noel Raspeguy who leads his French paratroopers in battle against the Communist Viet Minh guerrilla in French Indochina and later during the Algerian war of independence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian S (kr) wrote: Bon film, mme si le dbut est poussif et difficile de comprendre pourquoi les gens se font la gueule (dont la fille envers son pre sans explications).

Livingston H (au) wrote: "Max" is a rather quiet, yet chilling portrait of a mad man in the making. Cusack does well with his role as a struggling, one-armed artist, but it is Noah Taylor who embodies the dark soul of a young Adolf Hitler. This embodiment reaches its highest point during his angry speech to the poor German people in the end. Fictional or not, this is a movie worth watching.

Steve S (kr) wrote: Even as far as sequels go, this is pretty bad. I found some enjoyment in the first film, especially for what it is. This time around things are just plain bad, and the acting is pretty much on that same level.

(de) wrote: i thought it was boring

Charles P (fr) wrote: Damnation's depressing atmosphere of gloom is at times profound, but patience yields hard, even strong results.

Dave J (it) wrote: Harryhausen's effects look good to me....the green screen effects...not so much. Probably could have looked better with a bigger budget. Being a real attempt at the fantasy genre, its probably lucky to have got the budget it did. Overall a enjoyable fantasy flick with a odd amount of nudity...I guess PG13 wasn't invented yet.

Michael H (gb) wrote: Ridiculous, and fun. Seperate yourself from the newer entries and enjoy a product of its time along with a classic Adam West role.

Jordan G (fr) wrote: Absolutely outstanding!!! The Planet of the Apes series goes into a whole different direction with this one. In my opinion, Escape from the Planet of the Apes is just as good as the first film! If not better! A+

Quinn C (au) wrote: One of the weirdest movies you will ever see.

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Matthew P (nl) wrote: Twisted story of coverup, a must see!

Jake A (us) wrote: Though it is somewhat watchable, has a likable pair of leads and a couple of decent action scenes this is pretty much devoid of laughs, is utterly predictable and breaks no new ground.