Lost Embrace

Lost Embrace

In Buenos Aires, the twenty and something year old Jewish-Argentinean Ariel Makaroff has left the University of Architecture and spends his time wandering through the downtown gallery where his mother has a lingerie shop and his brother runs an importation business, trying to get his Polish passport and move to Europe. Ariel has never understood why his father left him when he was a baby to fight in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. When his father returns to Buenos Aires, Ariel discovers the reason why his father left his family

In Buenos Aires, the twenty and something year old Jewish-Argentinean Ariel Makaroff has left the University of Architecture and spends his time wandering through the downtown gallery where... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (es) wrote: Really, really disappointed in this adequate sequel, because Casino Royale was so good. I really wanted to give Quantum a 2.5, but its more of me reeling from the shock of it being such a regression. In all fairness, its quite the adequate action/spy film, with thrills and yet again impeccable performances. It does have its drawbacks aside from simply underachieving. Amalric does a solid job acting, but his villain Dominic Greene is not nearly as memorable as other Bond villains. The final act is rushed and anticlimactic, and devoid of logical setup.

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Mark S (au) wrote: Nothing beyond average.

Kris V (br) wrote: I love this movie!! It is funny and makes no sense but He is Pootie Tang LOL

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Corey D (de) wrote: Jackie Gleason is fabulous in this film.

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