Lost in Paradise

Lost in Paradise

Khoi, a naive twenty-year-old, travels to Ho Chi Minh City from the countryside to begin a new life. It's his first time in the big city and he's looking for a place to live. He befriends Dong, a handsome extrovert who offers to share his apartment. When Khoi goes to check the place out, he meets Lam, who also appears to be living there. Khoi decides to stay, but while he showers, Dong and Lam - who turn out to be boyfriends - run off with all his cash and belongings.

Khoi, a naive twenty-year-old, travels to Ho Chi Minh City from the countryside to begin a new life. It's his first time in the big city and he's looking for a place to live. He befriends ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (us) wrote: Monday, March 19, 2012 (2006) Exiled (In Chinese with English subtitles) ARTISTIC THRILLER Another Chinese triad vehicle from Johnny To centering on a couple of hired goons to take a guy out, only that they become sentimentalists since one of their intended targets is expecting. Simon Yam reprisng his bad guy role image again as of late. And there's hardly any action at all, but alot of fancy artistic images similar to what one could find in a Wong Kar Wei film which I'm not a fan of either. They're some artistically gun fights but the bloody red powder or powder paint is kind of distracting. 2 out of 4

Amanda H (ru) wrote: Despite not having an in-depth, complicated plot, I found this movie enjoyable. It's a nice look at a close (albeit dysfunctional) family that just about anyone can relate to on some level.

Justin O (ag) wrote: BFG: Let the jokes begin.

Henrysmovieguide C (gb) wrote: Very awesome movie. Tons of gun-blazing action and even some hand-to-hand as well. Lots of cursing, but it's OK. A rip-roaring movie never to forget.

Tristan M (au) wrote: I didn't expect much coming into this movie, and was actually pleasantly surprised by it. It's no where near being as good as other Vietnam war movies, or the other Vietnam movies of the 1986-88 years like Platoon, Hamburger Hill and Full Metal Jacket. It's the lowest of the bunch, and the least modern looking by far. It has far more of a older feel to it, with the dialogue, sound effects, explosions, and action scenes all more of a 1960s feel than 1988. So in those respects the movie does not stand a chance to those others above, but you can almost never go wrong with Vietnam war movies, as they are always good. This one is right on the line however, and is saved by some good jungle battles scenes and the typical but good Vietnam war plot. The movie didn't get off to a good start in my opinion with some cheesy lines, and go just nobody in the military would talk they do in the movie. But they after their first patrol the movie got more interesting. Everything improved, the acting, the lines and the story. The booby traps became firefights, and people started to get killed. The battles scenes where pretty good for the most part, except the one night attack on the camp. I missed the good helicopter scenes that everyone knows and loves from Vietnam war movies, so that was a great disappointment, because in my opinion that is one of my favorite parts in these movies. Anyway it ended good, not as I excepted but better, and turned out to be better than I thought it would. So not bad, and on the verge of being good.

Nica S (us) wrote: An interesting film on perspectives with gorgeous cinematography, Hero is an action film with a whisper of stark realism at its core.


Stephen V (ag) wrote: I have no idea why critics hate this movie so much. The first half builds a great story (admittedly it is slow at times) and sets up the last half for non stop, extremely satisfying retribution. One of my favorites.

Andy S (ru) wrote: I do not understand why this movie needed to be made. I was never bored, per se, but the movie irritated me and it tells a story which I don't think really needed to be told.

Tiberio S (kr) wrote: Somebody like Oliver Stone would've made this a more visually precise film. It's very hard to keep track of all the names and not made cinematically, but more theatrically. This is a great piece of writing from William Goldman with some solid and some poor directing choices by Pakula. I don't care for this use of his split focus in most cases. The best use of this is near the end of the film as Nixon is inaugurated for his second term on TV left frame FG while right frame BG Woodstein work at their desks. There are some tremendous dollies in the office, including one that moves across the entire room to the elevator where Robards is about to leave, but Woodstein have the info on the fifth name Haldeman.There's a desperation to make the film feel more grounded in reality to make up for the stupid decisions of the alleged hitmen that is more real world than we'd accept in the cinema. Having a conversation that reveals someone's whereabouts with a woman inside the antagonizing Washington Post office is pretty stupid, but in the real world, where paranoia doesn't have us acting as cleverly as a movie character, this is not uncommon. But I would've liked to see the direction reflect that paranoia, something more frenetically paced, distorted.Great performances all around, very grounded and realistic - I especially love Jason Robards as the owner of the paper, a tricky part that involves just the right balance of antagonism and protagonism.

Darby C (ca) wrote: Sylvester Stallone is kicking himself for turning down this lead role. Space Cop is a hard boiled detective story laid gracefully upon a science fiction backdrop. Deep characters, shocking mystery and exciting action scenes make this film a must own for true movie lovers.