Lost Years

Lost Years

An epic documentary touching upon 150 years of the Chinese diaspora in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia; covering four generations of racism as revealed through the journey and family story of Kenda Gee. Based on over 12 years of research and two-years in the making.

An epic documentary touching upon 150 years of the Chinese diaspora in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia; covering four generations of racism as revealed through the journey and family... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mats V (it) wrote: I thought it would be funny and smart, like a Woody Allen or a Wes Anderson movie, but it wasn't.

James J (ru) wrote: Rather frightening and eye-opening to see that such blatant racism still exists in the United States at this point in time, but it's also a positive reminder that there are many out there who do wish to be the change they see in the world. However, this documentary, while decent, is pretty lightweight. It skirts around some of the biggest issues to deliver some to the viewer some of the easier stuff. It's a good start, but with some extra boldness from the director and production crew, this could make a much bigger impact on racism as it's handled today in some places.

Zoe W (de) wrote: Saw a screening last night with Directors Q & A. A great achievement especially given the budget (20k shooting). The film is successful on many levels, not least its ability to leave the audience asking their own questions about motivations and methods on the 'war on terror'.

Michael H (fr) wrote: Entertaining low budget B-movie about the inhabitants of a few boat-houses on a Louisianna swamp fending off a giant genetically engineered killer fish capable of breather on land. The kind of poor special effects that are always so bad they're good. Whether it's a stoner getting his head bitten off to a giant swamp monster getting stuck in a swampboat propeller

Dana A (au) wrote: Fantastic. Amazing footage and supreme athletes.

Jovan M (au) wrote: The movie's quite boring! They style that its done in is quite nice, the 1930's atmosphere has been brough out well, but the dialogues suck... there's too much of political talk and nothing really interesting. If you're a historian or something like that you'd probably find this movie interesting, but otherwise for the rest of us it tends to get quite boring.

Kendyl C (mx) wrote: A glossier than usual Sy-Fy channel original movie or a low-budget Hollywood B-sci-fi "thriller"? It's untelling, although we're simply too bored to see Anaconda: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid twice to see; the non-charismatic cast of characters and overwhelming amount of clichs make this one of the most average entries into the sci-fi genre.

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Brian W (it) wrote: A good story told to a fantastic 60's soundtrack with great performances from Kevin Bacon and Brad Renfro.

Russell H (nl) wrote: kinda boring but just Bacony enough

Juan E (it) wrote: Bacon as always, great.

Jayakrishnan R (jp) wrote: 85%Saw this on 8/12/15A lesser entry as far as Oliver Stone filmography is concerned, but still the film has evolved to be an archetype for many films about wall street or just crime itself and many of these films simply copy it's ending. Oliver Stone directs this film also as a tribute to his stock broker father and that love can be seen in the electrifying scenes between real life father and son Martin and Charlie Sheen who also play father and son here. The film has effective acting from Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen. One of the other important things about the film is that anyone can follow it, you are not bored by the stock market here and Stone presents it in an easily accessible manner. However, Daryl Hannah gives a poor performance and much to the irritation she looks like a whore in this film.

Jarrod M (de) wrote: I was warned of this some time ago, but still wanted to see the film. Painfully low brow standard fair. Jokes telegraphed themselves, and it all fit neatly into the "teens trying to get to the popular party" comedy genre, with some extremely poorly planned emotional development that happened way too fast. I would watch it again, but only as riffing fodder.