The start of the famous Finnish film series. Strong women take care of the property while the men focus on chasing women.

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Ahmed M (de) wrote: The Spectacular Now is a good movie with a nice story and pretty good performances. But, it feels like a let down due to a few coming-of-age cliches(and to its defense, it avoids them quite a lot and as much as it can), and an ending which could've been better.

Jason R (ag) wrote: I may have lost IQ points watching this all the way through

Sean N (fr) wrote: The bonds of friendship are tested and Hannibal is referenced in the first five minutes. How will it end?

Ryan C (us) wrote: it was funny and witty but essentially just a movie with lots of talking

Miia K (ca) wrote: This was kind of boring. Milla Jovovich was great though.

Li T (es) wrote: The CIA ain't got $h!t on a woman with a plan!

JJ P (kr) wrote: They got a little more creative with the costumes but the storytelling which I liked in the earlier releases was lost somewhat.

Zac M (br) wrote: A goofy flick about theives with a case of mistaken identity.

Sage D (jp) wrote: pretty good stuff(: love these old mysteries(:

Tim H (kr) wrote: Lame. Poor followup to Robot Jox.

Bob L (fr) wrote: This is my favorite French movie...My love for the French language only grew more because of this movie. One of the best movies ever. It did win the French Cesar Award (their Academy award). True story of how love can take over a relationship and how it can change people lives. One of the best films ever and my all time favorite French movie, and movie overall. Recommend for anyone who dares to love. If you need a copy, let me know. You wont be disappointed.

Marcus W (es) wrote: One of Almodovar's better films. A delightful farce that is summed up in the title.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Erik E (us) wrote: Utterly charming slice of Americana. Poor Melvin Dummar works for his slice of that pie and has the great fortune of giving an old bum, later revealed (possibly) to be Howard Hughes! Demme treats Melvin with a great deal of respect and compassion. Melvin may not be the sharpest card in the deck but he isn't a fool. One wonders if today's fillmakers are even capable of capturing the vagaries of working class life. Superb supporting cast too.

Blake P (ag) wrote: A well done story of bucking authority and the consequences of it, as well as the power of tradition and blind loyalty.

Stella D (us) wrote: what..the hell.. is this

Steve W (br) wrote: Our Hospitality is a fine comedy from Buster Keaton. An oblivious and hapless young man visits the South to claim his father's house, and falls in love with a woman whose family has a blood feud with him. Chaos ensues, but its a fun and enjoyable comedy with a warm hearted ending.

Gome A (us) wrote: Sort of "Black" version of Meet the fockers, or little fockers or fockers or oh what the fuck ... anyway I think it was better than all the fockers ....

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:Why haven't they made a Pablo Escobar biopic? This movie only touches on a period of his life and I must admit, I did Google his life story afterwards because his life story is definitely intriguing. I don't think that anyone else could have played Escobar, except for Al Pacino in his Scarface days. Anyway, this film follows a young Canadian surfer, Nick (Josh Hutcherson) who moves to Colombia to be with his brother. Whilst living in the woods, he meets up with Pablo Escobar's niece, Maria (Claudia Traisac) and they fall in love with the blessings from her family. After getting engaged, he builds a relationship with Pablo but his brother is worried because of the dangerous world that surrounds him. Nick soon realises that he has entered a world of drugs, violence and corruption so he tries to leave with his brother to go back to Canada with Maria but Escobar has other plans for him. With the pressure of the politicians and the American government on his back, Pablo starts to clean house before handing himself into the authorities. He gives Nick a job to hide some of his assets with the help of a young villager but Pablo has become very paranoid and he doesn't want any loose ends. Nick ends up fighting for his life against Escobar's henchmen, which also puts his family and friends in danger. Personally, I wouldn't have chosen Josh Hutcherson for this role because of his innocent face and a lack of depth behind the eyes. Benicio Del Toro has plenty of depth behind his eyes and for a lot of the scenes, he only had to look at people to get his point across. Escobar is definitely a Robin Hood type of character who created a empire which is beyond my imagination. There's many stories about the notorious Medellin cocaine cartel but I think that film makers are to scared to bring it to the big screen, which is understandable. Anyway, it's definitely a film worth watching, if your interested in the Escobar empire but don't expect an in depth biopic. Interesting!Round-Up:Puerto Rico born Benecio Del Toro, 48, hit the big time as the weird speaking Fenster in the Usual Suspects in 1995 but he had starred in quite a few movies before that, like James Bond: Licence to Kill, the Indian Runner, Fearless with Jeff Bridges, China Moon and the under-rated Swimming With Sharks. He then went on to star in the Fan, the Funeral with Christopher Walken, Excess Baggage, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, which was a brilliant performance alongside Johnny Depp, Snatch and the Way of the Gun. He then won a Oscar for his supporting role in Traffic and he brought out 2 films in a 3 year period called the Pledge with Jack Nicholson and Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones. After that he got another supporting role Oscar nomination for 21 Grams and after another 2 year break, he starred in Sin City in 2005. He didn't return to the big screen until 2007, alongside Halle Berry in Things We Lost in the Fire and in 2008 he played Che in the 2 movie epic. After the disappointing Wolfman and Savages he starred in Thor 2 and the brilliant Guardians of the Galaxy so he's definitely one that picks his movies with a lot of thought. Personally, I think he is a unique actor who made this movie watchable and I can't wait to see him in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. This is the first movie directed by Andrea Di Stefano who has starred in movies like Life of Pi, Nine with Daniel Day Lewis and Eat, Pray Love. For his first project, I honestly think that he put together a decent movie which has definitely touched on a interesting subject and the whole story with Nick was intense and dramatic but not as intriguing as the Pablo character. I did feel thoroughly entertained after watching the film but the ending was a bit weak because you don't know what happened with any of the characters.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: 3.75millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their crime/drama/romance movies about a young Canadian surfer who falls for Pablo Escobar's niece and enters a world which puts his life in danger. 6/10