Loukyam is a 2014 Telugu film written by Sridhar Seepana and directed by Sriwass which features Gopichand and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. It is produced by V. Anand Prasad on Bhavya Creations banner. (Wikipedia)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
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Loukyam torrent reviews

beth s (kr) wrote: brilliantly written and hilariously acted. awesome depiction of the ridiculous world of unrealistic expectations, insane hurdles and self imposed madness women today navigate.

Joshua M (nl) wrote: When I saw the trailer, I was really excited to see this movie. One of the best settings I have seen in a movie, Chernobyl Diaries has a really good first half with great shots and scenery, but a disappointing second half that is the opposite. Yuri was a great character though. Overall, much more could have been done to improve this movie, including more of a plot, and better characters.

Paul Nicholas C (ag) wrote: A pair of women debating 'shit' versus 'shat.' A drunken woman toss and turn as she sleeps off a hard night of drinking. A man eating late breakfast ... describe a dream ... ask for ketchup ... then pour a dab of ketchup on his breakfast. He later videotapes a squirrel and some dogs at the park.'Generation Um...' is a series of long, tedious, meandering scenes with no clear agenda or narrative. There's a cynical undercurrent the permeates every frame of this debacle, but whatever heady critiques were intended are overwhelmed by amateur-hour direction.There's no good summation of 'Generation,' except to say it's simply three New Yorkers being mundane for one day. None of the scenes flow together well. The film as a whole is essentially a home video of three uninteresting characters being less than interesting.The dialogue is sparse with an usually high ratio of 'profound' statements for every unremarkable line of poorly written crap. And every pseudo-philosophical thought sounds like it came out of an incredibly high stoner with an equally incredibly low IQ.By the time the characters do have any meaningful, dramatic-ish interactions, these conversations - however 'honest' - are unearned. The three main characters spend the first third of the movie either not interacting or merely tolerating each other -- so it's incredibly abrupt when they suddenly open up to each other. Moreover, since the film makes almost no effort to establish any sympathetic moments for the main characters, it then becomes difficult to care about any of their 'heartfelt'/'honest' answers to personal questions late in the movie.So, to put a bow on this - 'Generation Umm' makes little effort to make sense on any level, invents little time into establishing the characters with any sort of depth and results in a tangled mess of scenes that are absolutely not entertaining in any way.But perhaps 'Generation, Um...' does the best job of summarizing the experience of suffering this movie: "Shit don't mean shit ... unless it means shit and it only means shit if you need it to mean shit."And that is perhaps the most profound statement made in what is definitely one of the stupidest films of 2013. And it is very indicative of 'Generation Umm...' as a whole.In short: 'Generation Umm...' is a failure of basic storytelling, resulting in a film not worth enduring.

JoniMarie M (fr) wrote: i totally redboxed this made for lifetime movie. it was pretty heartbreaking, but what lifetime movie isn't? i could take it or leave it, check your local tv listings for it's next showing :) haha

Jay B (au) wrote: Some fun comedy regulars keep the laughs coming... a worthy time killer.

Zoey F (mx) wrote: Pretentious drivel. It felt like a boring stage play.

KAMBIZ S (kr) wrote: I am more than convinced that Simon Baker is really a bad actor. nothing about him makes a movie worth to watch

Manny C (jp) wrote: Back in 2004 there were all kinds of movies taking jabs at George W. in one way or another. Michael Moore tried directly. Silver City, from director John Sayles, takes a more subtle approach. Sayles fifteenth film as writer-director-editor is filled with wild ambition. And he scores a casting coup by having Oscar winner Chris Cooper star as the Dubya figure. Cooper stars as Dickie Pilager, a not-so-sly dig at Bush's environmental policies. Dickie isn't yet president, nor is he from Texas. He's running for governor of Colorado, where his father, longtime senator Jud Pilager (Michael Murphy), is a major power figure. Jud is looking to maintain that power by using his cronies to get his dumb son into office. Cooper is at his loosest and funniest as Dickie, using a little bit of Dubya syntax in his language and employing his trademark lost look. Dickie is nothing more than an empty suit controlled by nefarious puppeteers. This makes for frustrating limitations for Cooper's performance, as well as the movie as a whole.Sayles mixes the humor with Chinatown-style noir. A dead body floats up in a Colorado lake as Dickie is shooting a campaign commercial, an event that spurs Dickie's campaign manager, Chuck Raven (Richard Dreyfuss, more brutally funny than he was allowed to be in W.) to hire Danny O'Brien, a reporter turned detective played wonderfully by Danny Huston (son of legendary director John Huston). As with all of his films (Lone Star, City of Hope, Sunshine State), Sayles is interested in exploring the roots of corruption, but such ambition is unfortunately held back due to the love story involving Danny and his ex-lover (Maria Bello).But Silver City is filled with undeniably wicked mischief. Take Daryl Hannah as Dickie's sexy, but screwed-up sister, or Billy Zane as a lobbyist without a soul. Dreyfuss digs into his role, chewing on the snappy lines he gets, such as when be explains that Dickie will promise the Christian right that he will preserve cultural equilibrium, which translates into (his words) 'no handouts for homos'. Sayles obviously bites off more than he can chew, even with a $5.5 million film, but it's a risky bite, one that counts in Teflon Hollywood.

Corey B (au) wrote: Probably the most accurate portrayal of what goes on behind the camera. Spot on. I think this is Steve Buscemi's best part.

Alexander C (es) wrote: Need to see and analyse this, could be very stimulating! Damn! hottie!

Heather M (us) wrote: This is just a mess of a film. It is slow moving and ridiculously pointless.

Kirk B (ru) wrote: Bad movie. Few funny scenes. Dumb plot, waste of time.

Leonard D (jp) wrote: This was a very well made film! As far as foreign films go, Et Mourir De Plaisir is very suspenseful, and really frightening! The English translated version is more powerful than the original spoken language, and it really shows! That crypt scene, I mean DAMN!! Scared the crap out of me! Sure, this movie isn't perfect, but it hit me to the core. As terrifying as foreign movies get! 8/10

Kevin R (de) wrote: The obvious always appears simple Dr. Franz Tobel is a French scientist that is in the process of developing some unique bombing inventions. The Nazis decide to kidnap Dr. Tobel to use his technology to win the World War. Scotland Yard sends one of their detectives, Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. Watson, to save the doctor from the Nazis. "We will not only escape their trap, but we'll also take their cheese along with it." Roy William Neill, director of The Black Angel, Rhythms of the Islands, Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, Madame Spy, The Lone Wolf Returns, and American Madness, delivers Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and well delivered. The characters are presented and developed well and the acting was solid. The cast includes Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. "You'll find yourself asleep while taking your trousers off." I have always been a fan of Sherlock Holmes pictures and decided to give this film a shot. This was an interesting picture with an appropriate run time (70 minutes). The cast delivered remarkable performances and the overall plot was well delivered. I recommend seeing this movie and I will be watching the other Sherlock Holmes pictures delivered by Neill and Rathbone. "They are sending some amateur detective. His name is Holmes or something." Grade: B-

Hans J E (fr) wrote: Yet another Laurel and Hardy short I've seen lately.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: Apart from the D-Day landings sequence, this film is an over the top look at American heroism. Would the army risk the lives of a squad of soldiers to find one man when they don't know where he is or if he's alive? Particularly when he comes from a small town Iowa family?

Stephen S (br) wrote: Basically a cliched 90s football film, but still pretty damn entertaining. But then again, I'm a pretty big football fan, so this probably wouldn't be for everyone.

Cort J (ru) wrote: some of the worst casting jobs in the history of film