Jailed as a juvenile for killing his abusive father (Sudhir Kumar), Prithvi (Salman Khan) is unable to witness any atrocity without losing his temper. He meets with Maggie Pinto (Revathi Menon) and after a few more chance meetings, they both fall in love. Maggie takes Prithvi to meet her parents, and they reject him due to his violent background. Maggie and Prithvi persist, and Maggie's mom, Stella Pinto (Reeta Bhaduri) calls the police, and has Prithvi jailed. Guruji (Amjad Khan) comes to his aid, and bails him out. Both continue to meet, little knowing the tragedy awaiting both of them.

Two Moscow students are mostly concerned with scoring with women but their lives change radically when one of them falls for a Jewish girl whose family is being persecuted by anonymous ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Issac C (kr) wrote: Probably one of the most favourable found footage films I have ever seen. V/H/S manages to blend in a good story whilst stay truely scary and having unexpected plot twists at every turn.

Ricardo G (de) wrote: all around good film about a Norwegian resistance fighter that did all he could to bring down The Third Reich. Max Manus, we salute you!

Amanda M (au) wrote: I almost didn't realize this was the Pixar short. The alien should have left the poor man alone.

Noah S (it) wrote: It's interesting how "coming out" is seen as a selfish act; the family members are ridiculed by others for his sexual preference and they put the blame on him. The film itself could use some help in the technical department, though.

Hans J E (us) wrote: Really bad tv-movie about the life of Michael Jackson.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: This one is hard to call. The plot is somewhat interesting, but overall I found it a bit too strange and a bit too boring.

Stuart K (br) wrote: 3 years after the success of Under Siege, a sequel was inevitable, with Steven Seagal back on board, he got Geoff Murphy (Young Guns II (1990) and Freejack (1992)) to direct the sequel. Even though it is essentially more of the same as last time, but it does have some good action sequences throughout, and it shares the claustrophobic setting as last time, only it's gone from on the sea to off the rails. Casey Ryback (Seagal) has retired from the Navy, and now works as a chef in Denver, but he soon finds himself roped in to take his niece Sarah (Katherine Heigl) to her father's grave in Los Angeles, they decide to take the train across the Rocky Mountains. Seems like a good idea, but what they don't know is that the train is carrying a government computer program called Grazer One. The train is hijacked by terrorists led by scientist Travis Dane (Eric Bogosian), who had invented Grazer One until he was fired, so has decided to get revenge, by using the computer programme to hold the world to ransom, but he didn't know about Ryback, who is a one man army, ready to take down Dane and his men. It is a very silly action film, but there is a lot of excitement along the way, it's not perfect, but that doesn't matter, it's what you got from action films made in the 1990's, with violent action, and over the top baddies. It's just good cheesy fun.

Charles E (gb) wrote: i remember loving this movie when i was a kid. cheesy and fun

Danny C (gb) wrote: Cool title makes it sound like a porno, but it's nothing so artful. Lots of things fall in front of the camera as it was shot in 3D. I saw it when I was ten and thought it was pretty crap then.

Al P (us) wrote: U havent seen Summer of FeaR?

Alexandre S (au) wrote: revu la tl vers 15h lundi 7 juin 2010 sur France 3 en VF.