Love 86

Love 86

Laxmi Devi (Tanuja) is a strict mother having two daughters named Leena (Farha Naaz) and Isha (Neelam). She wants them to get married in a prosperous and rich family with two brothers so that they can be together for life. But two orphaned boys named Omi (Rohan Kapoor) and Vikram Doshi (Govinda) who are thieves by profession, fall for these two sisters. Now Laxmi Devi wants to control the fate of her daughters but can she do this?

Laxmidevi is a strict disciplinarian and stern mother, who rules over her palatial house with an iron hand. She has two daughters of marriageable age, one is Leena, and the other is Isha. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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