Love and a .45

Love and a .45

Small-time criminal Watty Watts attempts to rob a convenience store with his drug-addict buddy, Billy Mack Black. The robbery, however, leads to murder, and soon Watty leaves Billy behind and goes on the run with his beloved girlfriend, Starlene. Heading toward Mexico, the fugitive couple gets plenty of media coverage, until there are even more people on their trail. Can Watty and Starlene make it south of the border without getting caught?

Watty has made a living out of robbing convenience stores, but after one of these job turned into murder by his partner, the psychopath Billy Mack, he is on the run with his fiancé Starlene... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andres K (br) wrote: Sper Cool hilarius Movie!

Justin J (gb) wrote: B-This is NOT as bad as some people say it is. There are worse movies out there. This movies characters,are a little annoying but you get use to them being annoying. The effects are actually decent too! Worth a watch if you're curious about it!

KJ P (ru) wrote: "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" follows the exact title all the way through. At it's core, this film is essentially about a planet that is about to collide with Earth, leaving the planet in ruins. After that set-up, the audience follows around Dodge (played by Steve Carell), a troubled middle-aged man who just got a divorce, weeks before the end of the world. Running into a much younger woman than him, they form a friendship and she helps him through his emotions and tries to get him where he wants to be for the end. The promise, characters, and payoff that this film sets up in the first two acts really had me invested, until it didn't. This film helms terrific performances and great characters that come in and out of their lives throughout these remaining days; However, when you set up things that audiences want to see executed and you do not follow through, it can be pretty frustrating. The third act of this film really felt like a quick wrap up. It almost seemed like the writers were rushing or wrote themselves into a corner. There were many things that occur in the final act that are left alone. In the end, this film is definitely one with a lot of promise and I felt myself attached to almost every character, until it's very rushed conclusion. Well-made, but ultimately disappointing.

Belinda S (ca) wrote: Movie was sorta cute but very predictable. Paula Patton aka Montana was horrible. Not sure if her character was suppose to be ditzy OR if it was actually her acting skills. Over the top dramatic acting, she tried way too hard to convince herself that she can act. Horrible just horrible acting. At least her Co-stars were great.

Bud S (es) wrote: This movie was pretty good

Slappy P (ca) wrote: If you said "This movie is too coherent and gentle" when you saw Trainspotting, you'll love this film. Very disturbing, at times difficult to follow, profoundly philosophical, and utterly without shame, The Last Minute is a high-def image of cosmic perfection reflected in a junkie's puddled vomit. And Jason Isaacs is amazing, as per usual.

Cassie G (ag) wrote: i'm wondering why eddie murphy allowed a sequel, anyone else?

Jason P (mx) wrote: John Mark Byers is the real "star" of this show, with his crazy antics. Nice follow-up to the original, though they might not have had a whole film's worth of material. Really looking forward to the third installment.

Victoria Z (nl) wrote: Susan. Sarandon debut

Jerry C (au) wrote: Innovative Swedish answer to the American 'cinema verit' cop movies like 'French Conection'. Bo Widerberg nailed it, big time.

Justin L (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed this ... Lee Marvin and Paul Newman made a great odd couple.

Benjamin S (jp) wrote: Quentin Tarantino's second film is simply a masterpiece.

Meredith W (ca) wrote: Funny enough but the novelty and engagement wears thin when stretched out to a full length feature film.

Patrick W (it) wrote: The "plantation" must be huge to contain the all-over-the-place story. Damn Yankees, wasting acting talent in this peroid piece home invasion/siege movie sprinked with monologues and sensationalized incidents of dehumanization. I am sure the racoon was a carpetbagger.

reid c (it) wrote: Harbinger Down paid homage to the greats in all the right ways: practical effects, claustrophobic environments, a fun crew of characters and of course Lance Henriksen.