Love and Larceny

Love and Larceny

Gerardo è un attore o almeno cerca di esserlo, ma il pubblico non è del suo parere. Così, per arrotondare gli introiti, aiuta l'amico Lallo in un suo "lavoretto". Questo gli costa però la ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim A (es) wrote: Overly long and at times a bit tedious. Still as a fun mostly lighthearted old fashioned musical the movie does have a charming quality. The animation effects mixing with live action is fairly impressive for the time and Elliot the dragon is a loveable creation. Still the execution isn't as entertaining as it should be as the characters are mostly dull.

tyler g (es) wrote: Better than the first and i loved the first movie!!!

TJ W (nl) wrote: If you have an open mind and are not biased in your convictions and you want to know the truth about the destiny of the human race, then watch this dvd.

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: Well..this is a fine example of a really nice little film that I'm not sure why I liked. But I did. Alot. I thought that the antics of these two boys were really entertaining. I like the whole feel of the movie, soundtrack and all.

Dino F (gb) wrote: It was amazing!!!!!!!! Xxxx

iioana (ag) wrote: I just loved this one. I think it really shows up all Steven Strait's skills: acting, voice and body. If you're a fan, it's a must see. :)

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 3%There's nothing to even say about this, it's a disgusting waste of time that I couldn't barely sit through. Poor acting, combined with horrible script, bad direction makes the 1hr 30minute movie seem as stretched out to 3hours. This is a total waste of time and even the sex scenes fail to be erotic and engaging. This film reminded me of another horrible movie I saw, 'Q', a French film.

Grant H (us) wrote: Decent movie. Good idea, but typical horror movie clichs and formula dumb it down a bit, but has pretty good performances.

Brendon M (it) wrote: It's got good stuff here and there. Not a total waste of time. Enough oddness to sustain a watch.

Hli L (kr) wrote: Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire at their best!

Brynn H (ca) wrote: one of the first bromance stories... but it was super long!

Kristen W (nl) wrote: Blah horrid from start to finish