Love and Other Crimes

Love and Other Crimes

Anica lives in New Belgrade, a miserable district of tower blocks and concrete. She is mistress to Milutin, a wealthly local criminal who owns a solarium and runs a protection racket. Anica is determined not to grow old in this dump where neither love nor life seems to offer her a decent future. One grey winter’s day Anica has an idea to steal money from Milutin’s safe, get on a plane and leave the country forever.

An unsatisfied woman in her late 30s dreams about stealing the big cash and leaving the country. She meets a petty criminal ten years her junior who has the thing for her, and she asks herself is he the only true love of her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake M (es) wrote: Boring. If I had to describe this in one word it's boring. Sorry, Kirk! I respect you for how open you are in your faith and your willingness to make good wholesome family films. But there is absolutely nothing interesting in this movie! I watched it with my family and they were all like "when is this gonna end?" And please lay off the slo-mo. Please!

Wade S (ag) wrote: It's kind of a heavy metal Hal Hartley movie. Why did that take so long?

Daniel O (fr) wrote: Very good movie, I recommend seeing the first movie before watching this one though

Karen B (it) wrote: Well, that was certainly about a self-absorbed woman. She could have at least left the father alive so the kids would have a parent. Epitome of narcissism. Not the actors' fault - characters were just not likable.

Andrs L (de) wrote: It was so great at the beggining, but the end was so... bad?

Trevor f (br) wrote: Absolutely the most amazing visual stunning movie with equally well matched sound track. Footage of Miles Davis Live !!!

The Phantom C (nl) wrote: TerrorVision is like a manic version of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Luc L (kr) wrote: A good western film about a man who changed from bad to good and is revisited by his old acquaintances.

Justin B (fr) wrote: This movie is a bit of an enigma to me. I watched it too much when I was too young to get a lot of the humour so I never really am sure how I feel about it. Objectively it is what it is; entertaining summer blockbuster and clever enough mid-nineties staple.

Jeffery O (br) wrote: Great story, Bethany Hamilton is still inspiring people now.