Love at Twenty

Love at Twenty

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:French,Polish,Japanese,Italian,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   anthology,   omnibus,  

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Love at Twenty torrent reviews

Charles G (ru) wrote: Surprisingly decent film considering the cast. The premise saves it.

Cheryl H (mx) wrote: An amazing documentary about what we are doing to the earth, the whales in particular, and all of life in general, and how we can connect globally to make a difference. It allows you to witness a gathering of about 80 people--from completely different cultures in different places on the planet, who met for several days to connect spiritually, as their cultures are being eradicated by modern man's greed and abuse of our natural resources. If you refuse to understand or care about what we are doing to our earth, I do not recommend you watch this.


Thomas K (ag) wrote: Who didn't love Michael Ritchie's original film? When this was released I was astounded that the same people who adored "The School of Rock" the year before didn't think that Linklater could pull this off. No, it's not as good but it is a hell of a good film.

Ben S (br) wrote: Paranoia was an acceptable sci fi thriller with decent acting from the whole cast. It had a very good atmosphere and the viewer is intantly enveloped into the film. definitly the best quality of this film. It also had a few good moments of thrills, and it did keep me entertained throughout the movie. And of course the symbolism in it does seem to be a little over kill but at the same time it wasnt to bad. overall i thought this movie was entertaining to watch, but it is definitly not a movie i would watch over and over again.

Jersey Boy (ag) wrote: I gotta defend this movie. Yeah it wasn't a blockbuster hit, but it was still good for the gangster genre that it's in. If your from an urban society, you will definatly understand the characters far better. Things like this do really happen, and this language is really spoken as bluntly as you here it in the movie.The cast did a great job.

Faley A (de) wrote: Roberto Benigni not even near to his best..

youba M (de) wrote: A successful comedy which spawned two sequels, essentially this story is about a Hong Kong policeman who poses as a student at Edinburgh College to find out who from that school stole the favorite gun of his boss.

Eric R (gb) wrote: A very bleak film about a young girl who is stuck in a dead end job. Her mother and father in law treat her like shit and her love life is non-existent. The film uses lots of static shots that linger way past when the action leaves frame, which works quite well to create this bleak environment. The dialogue is very sparse and it seems to heighten the experience for me.

sabrina i (au) wrote: A delightful comedy revolving around the inhabitants of poor apartment building. Everyone is close to eachother. And respects eachother. Our main character - Rajaram is a shy, well-mannered man who is in love with a pretty young girl named Sandhya yet he does not have the courage to tell her his feelings. In comes an old friend named Bashudev from college - whom he hasn't seen in years. He is the total opposite of Rajaram. He is bold, outspoken and a total charmer. He can get anything he wants just by using his charm. Soon enough Bashu's true colors start to show. He is not what he seems. A true con artist. The rest of the film deals with the different ways Bashu creates havoc for his friend and how Rajaram finally resolves it. The comedy in the film comes from dialogue's and character interactions. Its not slapstick or over the top - which I loved. It's the way the character's say things that just makes it all so funny.Theres no 'big' moments in the film. It's a simple film. Its a honest, heartfelt portrait of a close-knit community. The performances are all excellent. The ending is predictable but sweet. Overall, I could watch this charming little film over and over. I simply love it.

Erika M (de) wrote: oh i looove this and matt dillon. how can he be so hot?

Grant T (es) wrote: A fascinating look at the world's fun trade and how money and greed can lead people to do unimaginable things