Love Express

Love Express

Series of rumors and the incompatibility of both the bride and groom throw a train-bound wedding party out of gear.

Series of rumors and the incompatibility of both the bride and groom throw a train-bound wedding party out of gear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dion S (ag) wrote: Nice surfer movie. Easy watch don't expect anything out of this movie & you won't be disappointed.

Bradley L (au) wrote: One of Soderbergh's strange low-budged experiences features a strong performance from porn star Sasha Grey. The film doesn't appear to know where to go most of the time, but Soderbergh's cinematography and the interesting subject matter make it more than bearable.

Antti K (gb) wrote: A rare and interesting look into the lives of the Sami people in the 19th century. The villagers try to stop alcohol sales in the local store with the help of Laestadian religion. The shopkeeper arranges for an aggressive priest to come to rescue. Some villagers are imprisoned and the situation draws to an inevitable conflict. Great performance by Anni-Kristiina Juuso and a nice one by Mikael Persbrandt. Nils Gaup obviously cast himself as one of the leads because of his Sami looks :) Cinematography works well with the beautiful Lappi landscapes and even better in absolutely beautifully lit indoor scenes - this is the best piece of Scandinavian "Nordic light" I have seen on film in many years. The "black and white" type story works quite well for the 97 minutes of the film, it is just about the right length with this depth of storytelling. Had the film been any longer the story would have needed some heavy tooling as now it expects the viewer to have some knowledge of the events beforehand. Kudos to the filmmakers for telling this important story and for telling it in under two hours.

Olufemi S (de) wrote: I really. really loved this movie. A lot more than ever I expected to.I have Sara Bareilles to thank for me seeking it out.

Mark C (es) wrote: watched the first 10 minutes, I'm never going to get those 10 minutes back...

Charles W (de) wrote: Really enjoyed this film. From the beginning, it just flows.

Lauren G (de) wrote: sorry, but the only highlight of this movie for me was seeing ben Affleck's lovely, bare ass.

Ryan K (fr) wrote: Is it Citizen Kane? Certainly not. Is it a great cheesy flick that delivers an above average vampire without seeming derivative like a modern "Blackula"? You bet your ass it is.

Pan H (mx) wrote: wyrafinowana konsumpcja=

Linda M (ag) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time.

Scott S (jp) wrote: Black Narcissus is considered by Powell the most erotic film he has ever made. Even though this film has (nearly) no nudity at all, the underlying sexual tension is woven throughout the film. it is a struggle for the nuns between faithfulness and the desires of the flesh. it is a good story that shows us the struggle that we face daily between faith and flesh.

Clay B (jp) wrote: MINISTRY OF FEAR (1944)

John R (au) wrote: 2014/02/24: This movie surprised me a bit. Thought it would be a bust but it actually entertained me a bit. Good story, some neat characters. Loyalty. Nasty ostriches and a very underused sabre tooth cat. Definitely worth a one watch.

Dax S (ca) wrote: I wasn't a huge fan.

Ryan M (nl) wrote: * out of **** I literally have nothing to say for this film and just how bad it is. It shoots itself in the foot from the get-go, opening with a horrifyingly misguided sequence set on a jet that is flying above a farmhouse and field which introduces us to five mercenaries/criminals, one of whom abandons ship with the money that the team had just stolen from somewhere (presumably a bank of some sorts). The guy who lands on the farm grounds is named Burt, and you'll be annoyed by the mere sound of his name by the twenty minute mark at least since the other anti-hero characters won't stop threatening him via radio. As the others descend from the jet so that they may exact revenge by way of bullets, Burt is checking out the farmhouse and the scarecrows that surround it. Eventually, he gets stabbed by one of them and, yes, dies a horrible and bloody death. One of the characters at one point says "I think this place is possessed by demonic demons!" What he suspects is correct; the farmland has a dark past behind it, or in this case not so far behind it, which somehow allows the scarecrows to come to life, explaining the stabbing. The scarecrows kill all those who trespass on their territory and proceed to turn the newly dead into scarecrows as well. It's essentially a never-ending process; which could indeed be said for the film itself. It's a slasher flick devoid of reason, talent, wit, or intelligence. I'm astounded that I even heard of it in the first place; and offended that Netflix predicted my rating would be just a half a star short of three (out of five). The director is William Wessley. He borrows everything in this film from others before it; such as, for example, "The Exorcist". It's difficult to look at the opening titles for "Scarecrow" and not think of William Friedkin's masterpiece. And then it steals from countless other slasher flicks before it, emerging with none of the charm or suspense but at least some of the gore. The kills are bloody but not necessarily graphic. The camera shies away from the best stuff, rendering it mostly ineffective. But the gore effects are essentially the only department in which I can somewhat praise Wessley's "craft"; of which otherwise he has absolutely none. Whether it's silly dialogue, absurd over-acting, or a complete lack of atmosphere; "Scarecrows" is clearly not your best killer scarecrow movie. All the time, I was wondering just how bad a filmmaker you'd have to be to screw up an idea like that. Scarecrows are awesome, good material for a horror film, and yet this movie does nothing with them. Oh well, at least they look decent as far as creepy scarecrows go, although they're still nothing special. Overall, it's a terrible mess that unsuccessfully attempts to blend an action-thriller with a horror movie. Sometimes, a mess can be at least mildly exciting and even intriguing. Yet "Scarecrows" doesn't even get past boring.