Love Failure

Love Failure

A boy and girl fall in and out of love, several times over.

A boy meets girl, falls in and out of love, several times over. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Love Failure torrent reviews

Sam G (nl) wrote: A strange but somewhat enjoyable movie about friendship ...

Anthony M (mx) wrote: If you ski or board, you'll love this! Epically cheesy ski and boosts sequences with totally 90's cast and plot!! This is part of the reason I love snowboarding! Skier classic!


Holly C (ru) wrote: This has to be one of the greatest movies every made! I'm being serious here. Chuck Norris is the man. He never gets shot even when a rain of gunfire comes down! They could hold a gun right up to his chest and pull the trigger and he wouldn't get a scratch! And as for David Carradine, well, I'd totally be his groupie! I love all his movies! Too bad he died an senseless death. He really should have been more careful! LOL!

Elias B (br) wrote: Good low budget movie considering they based it on a real life barker family gang and shooting on location. There were some really great ideas and characters were drawn out fairly well, with the help of the talented cast, who Corman seems to have casted well. The dialogue is also pretty catchy and well written. They were some iconic lines like the 'Simon Says' game. So the story had some huge potential into making this an epic b movie, however some of the concepts were not explained well enough. Also some of the action scenes needed that extra kick to gain more emotion and suspense. This is a must see for any b movie fans and makers who like the crime drama genre.

Kenneth G (de) wrote: Nothing will be better then Happy Feet 1

Nathaniel S (br) wrote: A monstrosity to the media that deserves hate

Dan L (fr) wrote: A really solid movie about a fifteen-year-old's strange sexual awakening. Interesting themes, great setting (SF in the 70's), and great performances.