Love for an Idiot

Love for an Idiot

A middle-aged factory engineer trains, marries, and ultimately loses a teenage bride after she enslaves him to her whims.

A middle-aged factory engineer trains, marries, and ultimately loses a teenage bride after she enslaves him to her whims. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Flo L (gb) wrote: Schreib gerad das erste mal ne Kritik unter Trnen in den Augen vor lachen! Nach "Ruby & Quentin" und "Ziemlich beste Freunde" die nchste franzsische Komdie, die ohne Taschentcher nicht nicht geeignet ist! FSK mit Tempos! :P Vor allem die Kombination mit der Found Footage- und der normalen Kameraperspektive ist mal was neues und clever umgesetzt! Die Go Cart-Scene werd ich im Leben nicht vergessen...! :D Also an alle, die bock haben mal so richig fett abzulachen, dann am 28.5. ab zum Media Markt!

Jonathan K (ca) wrote: Borderline neo-mumblecore. What's the point? There is no tale here and it's ultimately just confusing what the main characters are going through. Their motivations and feelings and reactions are all untold.

Renee R (de) wrote: Only gets the 3rd star because Ray Liotta's in it. The story was good, it just dragged on way too slowly.

Vaidehi A (au) wrote: This was such an amazing film. Firstly, credits to the most amazing actors i have ever seen. There was so much heart in this film. Some would criticize it for being overly happy - I disagree. This was a film about hope, and family and love. It was meant to be optimistic, and it was a very endearing look at homeless children in that region of iraq. the dialogue (even the subtitled english version) was brilliant as well - i was laughing for half the movie, and crying the other half. a brilliant film, with a great - well - everything. a must see.

Kari C (ca) wrote: Yeah, I have to admit I love the guy for such creative vision...then in Episodes I, II, III George Lucas seemed to rely so much on CGI effects, stagnant character dialogue...and yes, the metichlorins (sp?)! I prefer the mystical nature of the Jedi. I also agreed w/the changes of the original Star Wars w/Han and Greedo. Yes, Han shot first. Why change it? All I ask is maybe release an original of Star Wars with the changes Lucas made. At least you get to see the unchanged magical version we all remember. If the extra footage is interesting to some, then so be it. I really didn't freak out about Indiana Jones surviving the nuclear blast in the refrigerator, though. I mean, after all, this IS Indiana Jones we're talking about! He can survive anything!

Alec B (br) wrote: Not the most exciting disney nature film made to date but Meryl Streep was a perfect fit for this documentary and it was surprisingly focused more on flowers and pollination than winged insects themselves

Chris R (fr) wrote: It's better than the original cut, but that's not saying much. The problem with this cut of the film, is that it takes too much on its shoulders, destroying a careful balance needed for a film like this.

Trish P (de) wrote: Simply beautiful film, acting, cinematography, music, all around. Be sure to watch the end credits, interesting notations there.

Belinda R (de) wrote: Such a beautiful film. Enjoyed sitting under a blanket watching this this afternoon.

Jono T (gb) wrote: brilliant, really really authentic and a visual pleasure. seeping with originality and political commentry! whoop!

Anisha I (kr) wrote: This is one of those movies that one can watch time after time. Lovely Music.

Lauri L (us) wrote: Epic take on the past that is just empty in its characters.

Pegah P (ca) wrote: My anthro professor showed us Pixote in class one day. We were left completely stunned. Watching it felt like a big slap in the face, a wake-up call. Unforgettable scenes and characters. In the memory of Fernando Ramos Da Silva. Sorry, kid.

Aaron B (us) wrote: i love bette davis and she was wonderful in this but the damn commentary ruined for me. do we really need to know that "she turns and smiles" i mean come on

Simone W (ca) wrote: I thought it was ok movie. Didn't really like the ending, but's worth a watch.

isabella p (ru) wrote: Just your regular con movie.