Love Happens

Love Happens

Dr. Burke Ryan is a successful self-help author and motivational speaker with a secret. While he helps thousands of people cope with tragedy and personal loss, he secretly is unable to overcome the death of his late wife. It's not until Burke meets a fiercely independent florist named Eloise that he is forced to face his past and overcome his demons.

The film tells the romantic story between a widower whose book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru, and a hotel florist has had enough of men and dating. When he falls for her, it's when he learns that he hasn't yet truly confronted his wife's passing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rene A (ag) wrote: I'm not going to say what's so great about this movie and you want to know why? Because I've already wroten reviews everywhere of this movie because it's so amazing and I just had to spread the love and praise for it. Besides it's MLP, what do you expect? Of course it's going to be awesome. One thing I can say for sure is being a hardcore and obssesive Brony, this movie can just literally be the best in MLP FIM's 4 years. The Characters, plot, music, and fan-service was unbelievable in this. It's true what they say, MLP just keeps getting better and better. Incredible just incredible, one of the many reasons why I love this show so much. Period. P.S. Happy 4th anniversary MLP, you changed my life and I look forward to the future! :') P.S.S. Fluttershy is best pony and human.

Mario W (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this one a lot.

Tasos L (br) wrote: If it wasn's so boring, it would be better...

Hector D (mx) wrote: Dfdddghhhhhggfdssfgdsefsasssssssssaazchoo

Carlos M (ru) wrote: A stupendous biopic centered on the life of the perfectionist genius obsessed with his work that was Charles Chaplin, and it boasts a spectacular production design, a marvelous script, a beautiful score and Robert Downey Jr. in one of his most amazing performances.

Jesse B (jp) wrote: A terrible script, terrible acting and terrible direction don't help this completely inaccurate and unrealistic abomination. The patriotic BS is pretty annoying too. It's made like a 1960s World War II epic which is quite an insult to those who suffered because of this war. If you haven't seen this, don't, watch Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Full Metal Jacket or Apocalypse Now instead.

Veronica B (ca) wrote: It was ok, I didn't like the Incubus demon

Teresa S (it) wrote: (1942? Director: Leo McCarey) GUESS the year explains the WW II movie plot!! Cary Grant co-starring with the incredible Ginger Rogers, both in their prime of life!! Ooohh, what a treat to look forward to viewing!

Star S (fr) wrote: Sort of reminds me of a Tarantino flick (minus the amazingness). But none the less cat run accomplishes a good story with an even better villain in Janet McTeer. Quentin needs to get ahold of her.

Dave H (nl) wrote: Modern Times is sharper, funnier, more satirical than City Lights, which is probably why I prefer it. But City Lights is a far sweeter story, and has a lot more heart. Absolutely dripping with sentimentality...I mean, it's a friendship/romance between a tramp and a blind girl in the Great Depression...what else COULD it be. But it's carried off so deftly and gracefully, it's hard to argue that this is not a perfect film. The pathos and the humour are exquisitely balanced here, Chaplin's silent set pieces rival Pixar's for expressionist panto...every moment is judged so delicately...never too brief, never too long. Cherrill is captivating. The final scene, the final shot especially, is not just classic cinema, it is classic real, emotion. Flawless manipulation of the highest order. And it hasn't dated. City Lights is definitely a contender for the most timeless film in cinema history. And gets my vote for the most charming...

Grant K (nl) wrote: I only made it ten minutes into the movie and couldn't take it anymore. Completely and utterly inept in every possible way, and dated beyond belief. Based on the first ten minutes.

Josh M (us) wrote: Too much of a 007 wanna-be for me to be impressed. However, there are a few kick-ass scenes, especially the action packed church fighting sequence. That is one of the best choreographed fight scenes I have ever witnessed.

Mohammed A (de) wrote: It is not a good movie to watch

Galvy F (ag) wrote: When some people are just born to knock down people. When we are born to do other things, but have to either pick up after someone else why they get knocked down. When luving is about getting down and getting right back up. When the whole community is feeling the sting of getting knocked down, and cant get right back up. When its the whole economy tnat seems to be falling and getting right up. When some knock downs are a hard reminder of whose stronger, whose the boss, who we are doing this for, how much we hurt inside, how much we really need it and its the only thing to do when the worlds gone to shit. Living with that constant burn throughout your life, from the days of your dad to now as your older, it's a never ending struggle to live right and live good. When in the furnace, life gets hot when your trying to stay on feet, but get unexpecting knocked down. You try to get back up, but some knocks downs are longer to get up from, some we cat recover from anymore. Once we lost, we can't get back again. We get even hotter and realize we will never get back up again once we are into deep and in the wrong place and time. We can try stay cool and away, but our livelihoods depend on those that keep is on our feet, that keep us happy, together. What other reason do we get up for, if not a future with these people, the people we love waking up too each and every day. Once it's taken, some knock downs are harder to get up. Other knock downs motivates us for 1 thing, when we do something for someone else, everything doesn't matter and life can return back the way it was, but you know it ain't true. Life is done, and so are we. When we choose to take down something we have choice not too, but we do it for those who deserved to be knocked down for good. When it's not enough living by the books to try to get by, but realize it ain't working, and not enough which knocks us down when we got to live and do our job. When we have to go beyond the law to get the job done. When we have to go across to foreign places to knock someone down, to set things right again, but it won't be enough, our livelihoods is gone and permanently knocked straight down, that a God can't help us this time.

Gkhan S (fr) wrote: Prff...What an "unlikable" actor that Jason whatever his surname is. Even though this movie had its moments, it just doesn't work when you see that Jason guy speaks out with his Liverpool accent (I may be mistaken about the area). Roger Donaldson had his share of fine thrillers in his heydays, No way Out to name an example. But this flick, I don't see any reason to recommend it to anyone.

alex i (ag) wrote: I wanted to like this. There were good performances all round but i just felt it really lacked tension for some reason. It was incredibly long and i personally feel it didnt have enough atmosphere to keep you hooked to a story that is very convoluted and doesnt really have any resolution.

Jason R (jp) wrote: notwithstanding the hip-hoppers' over-inflated sense of self, a good doco. as well as examining the relationship between bling culture and the diamond wars in sierra leone, the focus on how american hip-hop itself became part of that conflict was fascinating.