Love Hate

Love Hate

Ryan O'Neal plays Russ Emery, a glib engineer who steals the heart of a fashion model named Sheila Blunden. She in turn leaves her jet setter fiance who turns out to be a psychotic who will not let go of Sheila that easily.

A prisoner escapes and kidnaps a woman with her he falls in love. He's involved in a bad business where politicians and underworld are leading the dance.He'll die like the albatross in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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IOnell S (it) wrote: Me gusto. Al final hay un mensaje importante inscrito que nos interesa a todos. La felicidad puede ser simple, solo hay que ir tras de ella,

Panayiota K (it) wrote: Nostalgic- but with recent references-, a bit cheesy, hilarious and interesting. I miss Duncan though and maybe Logan's 90's necklaces!

Jim F (kr) wrote: Slick and glossy. Different approach

Tom B (gb) wrote: very touching and powerful

Dominik S (nl) wrote: The whole idea was promising. Suing satan - pretty amazing. However the execution is just horrible. From the script, over the acting. Why is satan anyway appearing? If his best attempt is, that people don't believe, that he is real? And why does he not just agree to pay? He is anyway always agreeing, that he is evil.It goes on and on - the heck - the idea should be picked up again and produced with an adequate budget, great director, great script writers and finally great actors...

Augustine H (br) wrote: The true story inspiration cannot support the hollowness given the rich contexts it should have carried.

Prashanth R (nl) wrote: A vibrant dark comedy. Great performances from the awesome Cecilia Roth and Kuno Becker. I was so caught up in the whirlwind of action that i barely noticed the time going by.

Madhu H (au) wrote: thought this would be the run of the mill american frat movie but it surprisingly came out a winner.. funny, goofy and fun to watch

Jose P (ru) wrote: a forgotten treasure of the 90's

John C (nl) wrote: Disturbing and controversial in places, but also lacking proper closure in its resolution, "SubUrbia" may not come together to your expectations, but it is still a clever and accurate portrayal of the repetitions of growing up in suburbia.

Brandon B (au) wrote: Colin Firth's first movie. Not really my cup of tea.

Brandon M (gb) wrote: Another Paul Morrissey film. I could rate these types of films forever cause the memory is so sweet! Loved it. ???

Ioannis B (nl) wrote: Probably the WORST and most HORRIBLE tv-movie ever...

Stephen P (ca) wrote: entertaining, but can't even begin to compare to the brilliance of the book. The rate that it speeds through is ridiculous, missing out so many sections and themes from the book. Even the end of the film has been changed. The way the 'truth' was exposed was so tacky, having none of the tense drama of the book, and the end scene with Kennedy?! whatever.

Nick K (kr) wrote: Not bad, but unrealistic and the ending could have been better.