Love in India

Love in India

A filmmaker explores the cultural traditions and contradictions across the sexually conservative land of the Kama Sutra.

A filmmaker explores the cultural traditions and contradictions across the sexually conservative land of the Kama Sutra. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kat S (ca) wrote: Mildly entertaining but didn't really hold my interest too strongly. Slow-paced.

Walter M (br) wrote: In "Declaration of War," Romeo(Jeremie Elkaim) and Juliette(Valerie Donzelli, who also directed) meet sort of cute across a room full of people, before a slap in the face brings them back to reality. They wonder with their names if a cruel fate awaits them, not realizing they are in a flashback from a time when their son will be undergoing an MRI. The relationship actually starts well enough, at least until their son Adam cannot stop crying. Relax, says Dr. Prat(Beatrice De Stael), he is just eating too much. And then another set of symptoms presents itself that are not so easily explained away... "Declaration of War" is a deeply affecting movie about how a couple's love is severely tested by their son's illness and in general reflecting the worst fears of parents everywhere.(A little late with the warning about internet searches though.) In truth, they are never alone, with a full support system of friends and family behind them. And as much as I usually hate children, I was feeling for the little fellow. So, while the movie is based on Donzelli and Elkaim's real life experiences, making an excellent movie like this out of them is nowhere near as easy as it might seem. Give full credit to Donzelli as she keeps things moving throughout by pulling out all the stops like alternating narrators and even a musical number that accentuates the melancholy mood.

J R (nl) wrote: Bring your family and a box of tissues to this wonderful movie with a great performance by Bailey Madison!

Adam A (mx) wrote: Not great cinema, but pretty damned awesome with some great gunplay and decent performances.

James E R (it) wrote: Seagal improving his films,only just though.

gurnles g (de) wrote: Anthony Perkins was great in this. The characters are seriously underdeveloped, it's basically like an hour and a half of a premise being pitched. The female character has no motivations at all, she's just a crazy wild child that everyone was so afraid of back then.

bill s (mx) wrote: Moments but not enough to do a movie.

Federico F (it) wrote: Modesto thriller, con solite incursioni horror, che tiene desta l'attenzione barando sulla logica