Love Is in the Air

Love Is in the Air


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Alex r (jp) wrote: Brilliant documentary about Internet site terms and policies, and it shows some shocking facts that what we post online can be shared to the government. This is an eye opening film, but at the same, the material presented here is not new and that's why you have to take measures to protect yourself on the internet. Like for me, I use Facebook quite a lot due to my job, but I also add more memes and hilarious pics than personal information, because in the end, you never know what is being shared on Facebook and other sites. The film is a well researched and has plenty of great interviews as well, and it's a well research subject for those interested in the subject. For people wanting to know what really goes on when you sign up with the terms and conditions. The film shows that Government can use the info you post on the internet to spy on you. I think that this is shocking, disgusting, and make you think twice about the fact that what you post on the internet can put you on in hot water. I think that we should be entitled to privacy and are entitled to have our rights without having fear for what we post on the internet. In fact most of the data that we type in on the internet can be constantly be misused, and that our right to freedom is in jeopardy. There should be some new laws to protect citizens of not being reprimanded of what they post on the internet. This is a well crafted documentary that raises awareness of what is really going on when you click the "I Agree" options of the Terms and Conditions of various websites.

Tony G (it) wrote: "The Sessions" is an engrossing drama about sex with amazingly fearless performances from John Hawkes and Helen Hunt, in a career-best performance.

Private U (mx) wrote: I want my two hours of life back :)

Okinawa R (kr) wrote: Spoiler the story holds up quite OK..not bad tho I can't say that its great....few holes but fine whatever..the ending on the other hand...dumb...even dumb not quite explain it.Oh you just killed my long what everyone think is dead while I'm trying to prove it otherwise..its OK...NO ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OKAY, I know she's taking medicine for depression but never thought she's retarded.Thankyou.Not.

Kijana A (it) wrote: very surprised by this flick. entertaining crime/action drama

Joanne P (gb) wrote: This movie didn't work for me at all. It was trying way too hard to be a clever indie.

Mark H (de) wrote: Plain, boorish, and the worst of all, my wallet got no refund.

bill b (us) wrote: hmmmm i dont like to write about this film...

Paul S (de) wrote: i couldnt feel sorry for this wanker banker....

Alex M (br) wrote: Winona sure is charming! Nice movie with lot of short stories that are quite simple. I liked the different view on the subject of living love.

Steve G (ca) wrote: It was a good idea, but the female character is unappealing. The urination scene is the single worst in the history of cinema. Completely predictable. But has some heart.

Chris H (it) wrote: With a cast like this had, I expected a lot more.

Jason P (br) wrote: What a treat! Early Gilliam is rough and dirty but still visually delightful... I loved it!

James H (ca) wrote: I like Shrek a lot. It is probably Dreamwork's best animation after the Iron Giant. Donkey and Shrek are hilarious together and the romance between Shrek and Fiona is well done too. This has a good soundtrack, some funny digs at pop culture and an important message about not judging a book by its cover.