Love Is Like That

Love Is Like That

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A loving couple struggle to fend for themselves in modern day Los Angeles, One a loner and down and out, the other a lonely but hardworking secretary. Eventually, as cracks form in their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (br) wrote: While nothing overly new is offered here, I did not think it was all bad. It was a bit freaky and got a few jumps out of me, but it also has a lot of pacing issues that hurt it tremendously.

Jessica L (kr) wrote: This is a new cult classic! Can't miss television right here!!

Carman B (es) wrote: It is really cool to see this movie again

Yasir S (mx) wrote: A brilliant Italian Comedy and Romance movie. The focus is how love relationships change during our lifes. Men wile like this movie.

Sean K (de) wrote: The title explains it all...Distasteful. Octopussy is fun by the numbers Bond escapism that furthers Moore into that campy territory he has become remembered for. Yeah he runs around defusing a bomb in a clown costume...what a climax. Plays Bond as a jokey Indiana Jones in this poorly plotted and puzzling film...

Tico P (fr) wrote: In 1976, our humanitarian friend Don Edmonds returned with this follow up to "Ilsa She Wolf of the SS". This time Dyanne Thorne returns as Ilsa, to the exotic settings of Africa. Ilsa runs a Harem of sex slaves to the pleasure of her wealthy aristocrat clients. Ilsa and her sexy black bodyguards, Velvet and Satin, run a gruesome terrifying regime of torture, humiliation and slavery. Ilsa's slaves are kept shackled and locked in chastity belts. At the slave market a woman suffers teeth extraction, as the ugly Sheiks laugh at her misfortune. "I do not like the Scrape of teeth". I prefer this entry rather than "She Wolf of the SS" and consider it a superior production. The special effects are better and more graphic. Even though Ilsa spends less time in this one bare breasted, it's no way short on sexploitation. Slaves are force fed, and tortured with an exploding penetration vibrator device. Unlike She Wolf's grim nature, Harem Keeper plays like a more exotic story. The violence is over the top and creative as expected. Plot Spoiler alert: People are set on fire, and Ilsa suffers her fate to a pack of sex hungry lepers, and left to starve in an underground dungeon of death. Great stuff, followed by my favorite of the series,"Ilsa-Tigress of Siberia".

Moore S (mx) wrote: Just like most of the 50's films, it is not perfect. However, it is worth recognition

james s (nl) wrote: A good dancing movie

Viktor N (us) wrote: Not a full worthy excessor to "Sister Act" but well on the way. Fat Amy is the is the glue that holds it together..

David M (br) wrote: Based on a character created by Robert E Howard before he created his more famous Conan, this is a so-so film, that you could see where it was heading from quite early on. Also quite easy to spot the influences on it (especially the far superior Lord of the Rings), and I now know where David Gemmell got his influence for his character of Waylander in the book of the same name!